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West Memphis School District admits FOIA violation, will pay up

"This lawsuit is a perfect example of why the people of Arkansas are pursuing a constitutional amendment and peoples’ act to enshrine the right to transparency in our constitution," attorney Joey McCutchen said.
IT Arkansas job board

Transparency group seeks to dismiss lawsuit against attorney general

Arkansas Citizens for Transparency initially considered proceeding with the lawsuit even after the attorney general approved the measures, so the attorney general’s role could be “clarified” by the court.

Arkansas AG approves proposed FOIA changes; supporters plan to start gathering signatures soon

The nonpartisan Arkansas Citizens for Transparency (ACT) has been trying since November to get Griffin’s approval for both a constitutional amendment and an initiated act.

Group submits fourth proposed statutory FOIA change to Arkansas AG after third rejection

In his opinion, Griffin cited a single “misleading provision” of the text of the proposed act and ballot title. The attorney general said he would "expedite the response" if the group resolved the issue.

FOIA ballot measure can move forward, attorney general says

Bentonville attorney Jen Standerfer, a member of Arkansas Citizens for Transparency, said the group was still weighing next steps.

Group sues attorney general over blocked government transparency measures

"Each day the Attorney General delays approval of the popular name and ballot title makes the Petitioner’s effort to collect the signatures more difficult and burdensome," the complaint says.

Arkansas AG's 'so sue me' attitude worked: FOIA defenders plan to sue

The attorney general's snide and seemingly politically tinged rejections of a group's attempts to enshrine a right to government transparency in the state constitution are teeing Arkansas up for a legal battle.

Transparency group to sue AG this week over public information access

Arkansas Attorney General rejected four proposed ballot titles yesterday in an ongoing battle over citizens' access to government information.

Dedicated defenders of FOI, reproductive rights, public education keep aiming for the ballot

A trifecta of do-gooder ballot proposals are still stalled at the Arkansas attorney general's office.

Arkansas AG rejects proposed ballot measure meant to add clarity to Freedom of Information Act

Griffin rejected the proposed ballot title and popular name for the Arkansas Government Transparency Act a week after rejecting a companion proposal for a constitutional amendment.

Attorney General rejects first try at FOIA constitutional amendment

Griffin's office said Monday that Arkansas Citizens for Transparency's proposal was full of "potential ambiguities" and failed to include the "full text" of the measure.

Pair of ballot measures would enshrine transparency in state constitution

Couch said the amendment would make Arkansas the only state with a constitutional right to transparency.