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Bentonville School District's plan to build teacher housing moves ahead

A plan to build homes for employees of the Bentonville School District moved one step closer to fruition Tuesday when the local planning commission gave its unanimous nod of approval to rezone a plot of land near Bentonville High School.
IT Arkansas job board

Joyce Elliott, Mary Bentley, Skip Rutherford and others to debate at health panel tomorrow

Vaccine boosters, the Freedom of Information Act and maternal mortality are up for lively debate at tomorrow's health and wellness expo, featuring Skip Rutherford, Joyce Elliott and state legislators.

Conservative and progressive voices join to oppose FOIA rollback

Members of the political left and the political right find a rare point of agreement on protecting Arkansas's Freedom of Information Act.

Democrat-Gazette shoots, misses on Trump headline

The view from our glass house.

Democrat-Gazette columnist Meredith Oakley dies at 72

Oakley's decades as a columnist and editor earned her a formidable reputation.

Blue Hog starts sniffing on first gent Bryan Sanders' staff

The still-unfolding story about Mike Mills' departure from the state Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism has churned up a number of spinoffs. Such as: Why is the first gentleman's chief of staff the governor's liaison to the parks department?

Misgendering in the Sunday paper a mistake, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editor says

The misgendering of the subject of a Sunday news brief was just a mistake, and does not represent a shift in policy over how the newspaper handles references to transgender people, ADG Managing Editor Alyson Hoge said.

Where's the booze? Southern Glazer's cutting back on Arkansas liquor donations

Earlier this month Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that wholesale alcohol distributor Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirts Inc. recently notified its Arkansas customers that it would be cutting back on its liquor donations, leaving fundraisers who have long relied on the practice seeking out alternatives, some with little time to spare.

UPDATE: Dem-Gaz editorial knocks student loan forgiveness, neglects to mention they kept $4+ million in PPP

Rules for thee and not for me? The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette takes aim at student loan forgiveness, saying it teaches young people to be irresponsible. The paper accepted more than $4 million in PPP loans that it did not have to pay back.

Republican hypocrisy on FBI visit to Mar a Lago, led by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who incidentally apparently isn't interested in being published by the Arkansas Times

Suddenly FBI investigations aren't so admired by Republicans as they once were. They include Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

1619 Project creator settles with UNC over tenure controversy Arkansas publisher helped foment. And speaking of incomplete reporting...

Funny omission in Democrat-Gazette account of settlement of a dispute with Nikole Hannah-Jones over her hiring at the University of North Carolina. In short: "Where's Walter?"

One year after 1619 Project controversy: Accounts of UNC officials and Democrat-Gazette publisher Hussman differ

Consensus on truth doesn't emerge in accounts of Arkansas publisher's intervention in a University of North Carolina hiring decision.