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More criticism for Arkansas's planned execution spree

Gov. Asa Hutchinson's 10-day schedule in April for eight executions continues to draw criticism, here from death penalty lawyers in the New York Times.
IT Arkansas job board

Briefs filed in case over hog waste 'land farming' permit in Buffalo watershed

Briefs were filed earlier this week in a case appealing the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality's decision to allow a farm in the Buffalo River watershed to spread millions of gallons of pig manure on its property each year.

A new front in the war over hog waste in the Buffalo River watershed

Lin Wellford, one of the petitioners, told a reporter that the EC Farms permit modification was "choreographed to get around the moratorium" on new CAFOs in the Buffalo.

Hog farm resisting testing for potential Buffalo River pollution

The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance said in a court filing Thursday that it had reached a settlement with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality on testing for pollution from the C and H Hog farm at Mount Judea in the Buffalo River watershed. But there's a problem: the farm is resisting.

Proposed ban on new large hog farms in Buffalo River watershed punted today in Public Health

A proposed ban on new controlled animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in the Buffalo River watershed was on the agenda in Public Health today, but the committee decided not to take action today, instead taking up the matter in a joint hearing with the Agriculture committee. No date has been set; it will likely be a full-day hearing with testimony from both sides.

Will the EPA carbon rule destroy jobs or create them? Probably both.

Limiting carbon emissions could shut down dirty coal-burning power plants and raise electric bills. It could also create jobs in energy efficiency and make Arkansas a healthier place to live.

Efficiency expert says Arkansas leading the nation on planning for EPA carbon rule

Neal Elliott of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy says much of Arkansas' compliance with EPA's new carbon guidelines can come from efficiency improvements in homes, businesses and industry, not just shifting to cleaner sources of power.

Legislative committee passes resolution against EPA carbon rule

Arkansas lawmakers want state agency heads reject the nation's best shot at reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Arkansas begins to grapple with climate change

New proposed EPA rule could dramatically impact state.

Arkansas starts talking about how to address climate change

Earlier this month, the EPA announced a proposed rule that will require a 30 percent reduction in carbon emissions produced by power plants, phased in over the coming decades. The feds are setting goals (which will be tailored to individual states), but it’s up to the states themselves to come up with plans that address those targets. On Wednesday morning, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) held a public meeting to solicit preliminary input from stakeholders including utility companies, environmental groups and consumer advocates. Finally, Arkansas is starting to talk about thinking about how to address climate change.

Commission holds public hearing on banning new large hog farms in Buffalo River Watershed

The latest on a proposed ban on new controlled animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in the Buffalo National River Watershed. The proposed rules would only impact permitting for new operations, not C&H Hog Farm, the 6,500-hog facility in Mt. Judea near Big Creek, one of the largest tributaries of the Buffalo National River, raising concerns about environmental impacts. The coalition behind the proposed ban also continues to apply pressure on C&H, hoping that the farm will move out of the watershed. Photographer Kat Wilson took aerial photos of the farm and the surrounding watershed on a recent flyover tour.

Arkansas residents discover they can't stop pipeline from crossing their land

Photographer's project to put 'human face' on impact of planned Valero/Plains All American Pipeline project