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Judge ponders holding lobbyist without bail

Federal Magistrate David Rush heard arguments today in Springfield, Mo., on whether former lobbyist and health care agency executive Rusty Cranford should continue to be held without bail pending his trial on charges that he participated in a scheme to divert money from the nonprofit for which he worked to himself and others as well as to  payments to politicians and campaign funds.
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Lobbyist connected to GIF scandal indicted in Missouri UPDATE

Rusty Cranford, the lobbyist enmeshed but previously not charged in the ongoing probe of kickbacks to legislators from state General Improvement Fund money, was indicted in Missouri today in a bribery scheme that involved illegally funneling a nonprofit's money to political purposes.

Drinks are on the business lobby tonight

The big business lobby is slopping legislative hogs tonight. Garden variety citizens need not present themselves for admittance to THIS meeting of the Arkansas General Assembly, despite what the Constitution says about open meetings.

Ethics, schmethics. Legislators continue to scarf expensive freebies

Voters thought they'd stopped lobbyist entertainment for legislators. They thought wrong.

Legislature continues effort to chip away at ethics law

The House Rules committee yesterday passed a bill codifying an exception for travel junkets to the laws prohibiting gifts from lobbyists to public officials and creating an explicit exemption for swag given out to legislators at fancy balls. Really.

Today's legislative freebies

Yes, Arkansas legislators need not buy their own lunch, dinner or evening cocktails today.

Next week, lobbyists will ply legislators with free food and drink, three meals a day, every day

The 2017 Arkansas General Assembly is revving up, and that means lobbyists are, too.

Slopping the legislative hogs at next week's special session

A lobbying firm, Diamond State Consulting, plans a big hog roast on the opening day of the special session on highways. My guess is that legislators, if not the public, will be welcome. It's another indication of the thoroughly ineffective so-called ethics amendment approved by voters.

Where there's a loophole, there's a legislator

The legislature continues to make a mockery of the Constitution by pushing substantive issues in the budget session and by finding ways to keep the free drinks from lobbyists pouring.

Cheers! The legislature is in town

No freebies on the legislature's official calendar today, but thank goodness for Tuesday.

Lobbyists will roll out the freebies this week

Special interests will again use a loophole in the ethics law to wine and dine legislators this week, beginning with a big Chamber of Commerce reception Tuesday night.

Poll: Arkansas voters would like a stronger ethics law

David Couch, the Little Rock lawyer who filed a proposed initiated ethics amendment for attorney general review last week, has also shared with me results of a key polling question done by the as-yet-unnamed group interested in the issue.