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The mayor's 'reset' leads today's news roundup

Quietly awaiting the coming freeze.
IT Arkansas job board

The news roundup: An Asa department head is out

A head rolls in state government.

The news roundup again leads with Democrats' continued hold on the U.S. Senate

Roundup includes news of a squeaker of a state House race in Conway.

The week-ending news roundup and open line

A tribute to veterans and a bit of news.

Today's news: The election rehash

Trying hard to find bright spots.

Today's news: A police gun battle and local politics

A huge arsenal was found after police shot a Sherwood an in standoff that turned into a gun battle.

Today's news and the open line

The mud is hitting the fan in the final days of election 2022, with Republicans doing most of the slinging.

Today's news: Politics potpourri

A quiet but lovely fall day.

Today's news roundup includes crime and extremist politics

Craziness abounds today.

Another week done: The news roundup and open line

The so-called gubernatorial debate today featured dodging and boilerplate from Sarah Sanders.

Politics and lots of it in today's news roundup

Debates and partisan funny business top the news today.

TGIF: The news roundup and open line

We talk University of Arkansas today. No, not football, but it figures a little.