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Cotton to CIA?

Political junkies without a real election to overanalyze fill the void with "what if?" scenarios. With the State Fair underway, consider this column a helping of cotton candy for such readers.
IT Arkansas job board

Trump immigration plan takes dreamers hostage

Donald Trump's deal to provide some relief for the immigrant children facing deportation because of expiration of the DACA program is a deal only if you're an immigration hard-liner.

Tom Cotton rattles missiles at Iran

Tom Cotton talks up military options for Iran.

French Hill No. 1 with NRA; Tom Cotton popular too. So what about gun control? UPDATE

An article in the New York Times notes that 2nd District Republican Congressman French Hill of Little Rock was the No. 1 career recipient of NRA campaign contributions in the House. The NRA has spent even more on Sen. Tom Cotton. You won't hear them talk about gun control, now or ever.

If DACA recipients are to be spared, the key is rank-and-file Republicans like Hill and Womack

In a more functional political system, the DREAM Act would seem to be a slam dunk. A majority of members of Congress say they want it; most voters say they want it; the president says he wants it. Yet it's anything but.

Annals of meanness: Senate health bill could affect 400,000 Arkansas children

I'd mentioned the impact of the Senate health bill on health coverage for 400,000 Arkansas children yesterday (and the corresponding body blow to Arkansas Children's Hospital), but as luck has it Benjamin Hardy has fleshed out the topic for the Arkansas Nonprofit News Network.

Cotton office gets a visit from critics of his health bill

Opponents of the Obamacare repeal took their message, and some lipstick, to Sen. Tom Cotton's office today.

Has anybody seen Sen. Tom Cotton, architect of the health bill

Where is the normally voluble Tom Cotton on the health bill he helped write in secret with 12 other white Republican males?

U.S. Senate intern's ugly remarks exposed in recording. He was on Tom Cotton staff.

Incendiary remarks by an intern for Sen. Tom Cotton are drawing attention on the web. Cotton defenders say it's fake news to report on an intern's remarks, no matter how ugly.

Health care advocates sit in at Tom Cotton's office

A good group of people who support the preservation of the Affordable Care Act (and oppose the devastation proposed by congressional Republicans) has gathered for a demonstration at Sen. Tom Cotton's Little Rock office.

New signs of press crackdown at Capitol

With the U.S. Senate — or at least its Republican majority — rushing to push through a secret health care bill, news of further press restrictions isn't exactly surprising.

Comey day: Can we agree Russians are bad guys?

The Senate Intelligence Committee appearance by fired FBI Director James Comey is underway. It's all about the Russians. And some Arkansans will have roles.