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First, get a job

On June 1, with the blessing of the Trump administration, Arkansas became the first state in the 50-year history of the Medicaid program to impose a work requirement on certain beneficiaries.
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Arkansas Works population declines by another 1,400 beneficiaries

The decrease from April to March is consistent with recent trends in the program. Arkansas Works enrollment declined by over 10 percent from the beginning of 2017 to the beginning of 2018.

Work requirement notices going out to first round of AR Works beneficiaries this week, DHS says

DHS will be mailing separate letters to those it presumes will be exempt — for example, the agency knows some households contain dependent children, based on other benefits data — and those it presumes will be subject to the requirement.

Legislative committees approve reduction in retroactive eligibility for new Medicaid expansion enrollees

This is about cost-shifting, plain and simple. The change will save the state some money (a projected $1.3 million in the next fiscal year according to the Department of Human Services), while hospitals and providers will see uncompensated care costs go up and poor Arkansans will be slapped with bills they can't possibly pay.

Democratic leaders call on Trump administration to release costs of Medicaid work requirements

Modern Healthcare reports that leading Democrats are pushing the Trump administration to release information about the administrative costs of implementing new work requirements for the Medicaid program in red states, including Arkansas.

No regrets for states that expanded Medicaid

The Brookings Institute takes a look at states that expanded Medicaid and finds no evidence of regret: "The strong balance of objective evidence indicates that actual costs to states so far from expanding Medicaid are negligible or minor, and that states across the political spectrum do not regret their decisions to expand Medicaid." That includes Arkansas, the state where Medicaid expansion has survived despite a perfect storm of political obstacles.

The economic stimulus of Obamacare

The New York Times devotes front-page space to the obvious today: Ending Obamacare not only could cost lives and good health for many Americans it could damage the economy.

Trump's 'victory' on health care. Look who's cheering.

The reviews are brutal on the health coverage bill passed by the Republican House yesterday. Good for the rich and healthy. Terrible for everyone else. And catastrophic in Arkansas.

Governor's proposed cuts to Medicaid eligibility will increase costs for working poor; likely to increase uninsured rate

Speaking before a joint session of the legislature, which is reconvening this week for a special session, Hutchinson argued that these 60,000 Arkansans "will not lose access to coverage" and would get "the same level of financial support that they have now." The truth is a little more complicated.

Trump health care bill's potential amendments don't help Tom Cotton with his Obamacare repeal dance

Trumpcare may be getting a makeover, but it won't address the concerns raised by Tom Cotton at last week's town hall.

Tom Cotton's Obamacare repeal dance

Sen. Tom Cotton still supports Obamacare repeal, but he's squeamish about 300,000 Arkansans losing health insurance.

Save Obamacare! It's good for business (people, too)

Suddenly, a lot of important groups are anxious to keep key parts of Obamacare afloat. Simple. It's good for business, not to mention people who get health coverage.