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Kasten Searles’ tornado memoir captures Little Rock, ravaged

Searles — an illustrator, the head of the art department at Arkansas Tech University and the artist behind our cover illustration this month — is creating a graphic memoir about the experience, including depictions of the devastation as she saw it on March 31, 2023.
IT Arkansas job board

Check out the 61st Young Arkansas Artists Exhibition up online

Four hundred-and-two works from Arkansas art students were submitted to the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts' young artist competition this year, "which has grown from drawing, painting and sculpture to include photography, animation and digital work," director of community engagement Chris Revelle said.

'Queer' goes up this week on Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville

Fayetteville not-for-profit Fenix Arts is hosting “QUEER,” a gallery collection of works by LGBTQIA+ artists across the Mid-South that wades into questions about queer identities through photography, ink pressings, fiber arts and drawings in graphite and colored pencil.

$10 million for internship program at Crystal Bridges from Alice Walton Foundation

Another big gift from Alice Walton to Crystal Bridges.

Arts & the Park up through May 8 in Hot Springs

With performances from string band entertainers Sad Daddy, a Henry Glover-inspired songwriting contest, a gallery of reproduced works by Arkansas photographer Mike Disfarmer, a series of artworks installed along the Hot Springs Creek trail on 30-inch-by-40-inch metal sheets, storytelling and dance from members of the Quapaw tribe, studio tours, a gallery walk, a children’s book giveaway and more.

Work from painter Dean Mitchell up at Hearne Fine Art

Mitchell's arresting character studies — “Rowena,” “Mom at the Manor” — are worth seeking out, and for this show at Hearne, Mitchell shows his etchings and oils as well as watercolors, including some of the aforementioned scenes from the American West.

Light and Language: A Q&A with painter Virmarie DePoyster

"Often we get stuck in thinking patterns and we relive over and over a situation or a problem; that’s the left side of the brain at work," DePoyster said. "When we create we use the right side that sees shapes, lines, colors and allow the thinking side of the brain time to rest and energize."

Picassos art auction at Museum of Discovery benefits Pulaski Heights Elementary

Baxter Knowlton, John Kushmaul, Tonya McNair, Jennifer Perren, Sulac and Emily Wood show work for the benefit of Pulaski Heights Elementary.

Meikel Church's 'Was It Ever Real?' opens in Pine Bluff arts center today

New work from Church up at the Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas.

Kevin Kresse is building a high-profile statue of Johnny Cash, one piece at a time

Mr. Cash goes to Washington.

'Material Evidence by Dominique Simmons' up at UA Little Rock's Windgate Center

Thread, glue, cloth, paper mache, wax, and paint are among the textures of Dominique Simmons' exhibit "Material Evidence," up through November 15 at the Focus Gallery in UA Little Rock's Windgate Center of Art and Design.

Two-day arts festival going up in downtown Arkadelphia

Rodney Block, Dazz & Brie, the Irie Lions and other performers are on the schedule for the Arkadelphia Festival of the Arts, happening Friday, Oct. 15 and Saturday, Oct. 16.