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Review: "Jobbers," "Dreams" at UALR

My review of two exhibits at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, "Jobbers, Heels and Faces — Robert McCann," paintings whose jumping off place is wrestling, and "Awakened by These Dreams," fantastically detailed paintings by Douglas Bourgeois, from this week's print issue is now online.
IT Arkansas job board

Rothko: More than color

The Rothko exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center will renew your faith, if it had been lagging, that non-representational art can provoke a deep visceral response.

A rich Delta

The 55th Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center opened last week in the Rockefeller Gallery with work by artists both familiar — including the Grand Prize winner — and new.

A "Toy Show" for grownups

The first hint I got that the Arts Center's 38th "Toys Designed by Artists" exhibit was a notch more mature this year was the fact that so many toys were protected behind plexiglas.

Finding little in the minimal, but much to see

In "50 for Arkansas" and "Multiplicity" at the Arts Center

High on the HAM: Four fine artists

A quick review.

The Delta exhibit: Not so Southern

Some years, the Arkansas Arts Center's Delta exhibit has had a distinctly Southern look about the art.

How small names grow big: SWOP

“Small Works on Paper" a venue for upcoming and established artists alike.

Busy Friday night: Matt McLeod show and sale

His holiday art show and sale at P.H. Christian.

"Cast, Cut, Forged and Crushed," the Horn collection

I was talking to a friend earlier in the week who loves art — but can't quite get with the program on contemporary craft.

'So Many Open Houses' reviewed

Freelancer Blair Tidwell reviews "So Many Open Houses" art installation.

Three to see at UALR: Flatbed prints, "Roux," Tisdale

Innovative printmaking and ceramics, for those who'll put up with a lack of parking.