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LRSD board makes slog-ress at long but enlightening work session

School board members continue the time-consuming, painstaking work of plotting a path to progress for poverty-stricken students.
IT Arkansas job board

Second wave of teacher raises a go for LRSD, stickier news on renewable energy and security

A play-by-play of this week's meeting of the Little Rock School Board.

After state waives due process protections for LR teachers, Poore promises fairness and caution

Little Rock Superintendent Mike Poore said after the meeting that he would use his newfound power carefully. ""All I can do right now is promise that I’m going to be fair and I’m going to be really on top of looking at recommendations to make sure that there’s cause," he said.

What Johnny Key won't tell you: The truth about teachers and D and F schools. Demographics are destiny.

What Johnny Key's desire to fire Little Rock School District teachers ignore — the pattern of school "success" tracks race and poverty. The problem isn't an inability to fire teachers (which already exists).

Little Rock schools and teachers continue negotiating UPDATE

The Little Rock School District and Little Rock Education Association issued a brief joint statement today affirming that negotiations continue on a new contract to replace one that expires at midnight today.

Little Rock teacher contract talks extended for two weeks

After talks between the Little Rock Education Association and Little Rock School Superintendent Michael Poore yesterday afternoon, Education Commissioner Johnny Key agreed to a two-week extension of the district teachers' contract, otherwise due to expire Wednesday. I'm not optimistic about a compromise and wish more attention could be placed on the difficulties faced in individual schools.

Overflow crowd gathers in support of Little Rock school teachers and public education, but potential strike vote nears

An overflow crowd filled First United Methodist Church last night in support of Little Rock school teachers and, more generally, locally controlled public schools. The issue is bigger than the future of a conract with the Little Rock Education Association.

Informational picketing today in support of Little Rock teachers; contract negotiations continue

Bad weather for it, but informational picketing  is under way today at Little Rock School District campuses to show support for teachers targeted by State Education Commissioner Johnny Key's desire to make it easier to fire teachers at 22 Little Rock schools with low scores on standardized tests. Meanwhile, less than a week remains to come up with a new contract before the current one expires Oct. 31.

So much wrong in Johnny Key's attack on teacher firing law

So much is wrong about Education Commissioner Johnny Key's move to make it easier to fire select Little Rock School District teachers, but one point that's being overlooked is how easy it already is to fire teachers.

Jared Henderson calls on Hutchinson administration to stop 'demeaning' teachers

Jared Henderson, the Democratic candidate for governor, has blasted the move by Education Commissioner Johnny Key to weaken job protection for certain Little Rock School District teachers. He says it's of a piece with Gov. Asa Hutchinson's "empty rhetoric" about education.

Kurrus, Sabin object to Johnny Key's attack on LR school teachers UPDATE

Baker Kurrus and State Rep. Warwick Sabin, candidates for Little Rock mayor, have jumped in on Education Commissioner Johnny Key's rejection of a teacher contract that doesn't allow firing teachers at will.  Both raise questions about waiving state law as the first means to address school improvement, Kurrus most pointedly, with references to the charter school drain encouraged by Key and the unfairness of singling out Little Rock schools for this. UPDATED WEDNESDAY with Frank Scott comment.

Johnny Key moves to weaken or end agreement with Little Rock teachers union

Citing low scores on many Little Rock School Distrrict schools' standardized test, State Education Commissioner Johnny Key, who acts as district school board under state control, has rejected a new negotiating agreement with the Little Rock Education Association without a change that appears to allow an end to fair dismissal protection for. teachers at schools with D and F grades.