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It's a cliffhanger; trial over ban on medical care for trans youth will pick back up Nov. 28

The state called its first three witnesses Friday as Arkansas attempts to defend the first ban on medical gender-affirming care for transgender youth in the nation.
IT Arkansas job board
Photo of Al Allen entering Jefferson Manor apartment

A ‘mess’ of living conditions at Jefferson Manor apartments in North Little Rock

The management at these apartments is the same that’s in trouble for the conditions at the Big Country Chateau complex in Little Rock —  the parent company is an out-of-state owner, Apex Equity Group, LLC. Last week, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge filed a lawsuit against the company.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge signs certification prohibiting abortion in Arkansas

"We were prepared in 2019 for this court's opinion," Rutledge said. "It's almost as if we had a crystal ball."

Rally tonight at the Capitol; plus, today's scenes from the abortion clinic

Scenes from the abortion clinic this morning, Rally tonight at the state Capitol. AG Leslie Rutledge certifying at 2 p.m. today the end of legal (key word here) abortion in Arkansas.

Where was Sarah? Follow the money

One candidate talked to voters on TV. You had to pay to see the other candidate at the same time.

MIA: Leslie Rutledge, Trump backer

Leslie, where are you?

Legislators quiz attorney general's office on advertising spending. Misinformation and misdirection in defense.

Legislators had some pointed questions about Attorney General Leslie Rutledge's advertising tsunami. The defense was disingenuous at best.

Griffen plays recording of Carpenter Farms hearing; says he was "following the law" in questioning attorney general counsel

On Tuesday morning, Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen replayed the audio recording of a Sept. 13, 2019 hearing for a challenge of refusal of a marijuana dispensary permit for Carpenter Farms in his courtroom at the Pulaski County Courthouse.

Federal judge continues blocking three Arkansas abortion bans

U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker ruled Tuesday that three Arkansas abortion bans she temporarily blocked from taking effect will remain blocked indefinitely by a preliminary injunction as she considers a lawsuit challenging them. Baker granted a temporary restraining order against the restrictions minutes before midnight on July 22, a ruling that was set to expire late Tuesday night. The preliminary injunction replaces the temporary restraining order from July. 

Judge takes Arkansas Times challenge of Israel boycott law under advisement

Federal Judge Brian Miller heard arguments today from the Arkansas Times and the ACLU for an injunction against the Arkansas law that requires state contractors to sign a pledge not to engage in a boycott against Israel. He said he wanted to do more research before ruling.

Leslie Rutledge in national spotlight again. Flattery not intended

John Oliver's punchy weekly news review on HBO last night featured the dubious activities of the Republicans who are attorneys general around the U.S., including Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. Not a shining moment for her, particularly a karaoke clip, though Rutledge probably basks in the criticism of a liberal commentator.

Another sharp contrast between Leslie Rutledge and challenger Mike Lee

The list is long but here's another solid on which to make a choice between re-electing Attorney General Leslie Ruitledge or favoring challenger Mike Lee: Net neutrality.