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Arkansas Community Organizations advocates for those losing Medicaid coverage

The team at Arkansas Community Organizations is small but mighty. In mid-May, three members flew out to Washington D.C. to be the mouthpiece for thousands of Arkansas Medicaid recipients who are losing their health coverage.
IT Arkansas job board

Bernie Sanders meme arrives in Arkansas

Bernie's been busy.

Bernie Sanders attempts to force Republican senators on the record on a $2,000 relief payment

Call the roll on pandemic aid, Sanders insists.

Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden and endorses his backers to do the same.

Bernie Sanders drops bid for presidency

CNN has the jump on news that Bernie Sanders is ending his run for president, clearing the path to Joe Biden's nomination.

UPDATE: Another big night for Joe Biden. What will Bernie do?

Joe Biden marches toward the Democratic presidential nomination, but Bernie Sanders isn't ready to quit yet.

Biden builds lead; will Sanders supporters follow?

Joe Biden looks like the Democratic nominee. Can Bernie Sanders' young supporters accept that he's better than Donald Trump?

Biden won Super Tuesday; Bernie supporters should stop assuming they know why

I get it if you are angry that your preferred candidate didn't do as well as you would have hoped last night. Mine didn't either, and I'm also really disappointed. But can we please stop repeating those grating nails-on-a-chalkboard talking points about how "the establishment" stole another election from Bernie?

Amy Klobuchar to leave presidential race

Amy Klobuchar is quitting the presidential race and will endorse Joe Biden.

Arkansas gets some presidential moments

Arkansas gets a moment in the presidential spotlight.

Walmart stockholders gather in Rogers, hear from Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders to attend Walmart stockholder meeting

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate, will attend the Walmart stockholders meeting June 5 in Rogers to introduce a proposal to give a seat on the corporation board to a representative of Walmart employees.