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Hutchinson appoints interim State Police leader

He'll serve briefly as interim leader of the agency.
IT Arkansas job board

Gov-elect Sanders names Mike Hagar to head up State Police, dodges questions on Trump's calls to insurgency

Governor-elect Sanders played up her tough-on-crime approach by kicking off her cabinet appointments with a career cop to head up the Arkansas Department of Public Safety.

State-level bigwigs address gun crimes in Little Rock and police brutality in Mulberry

County, state and federal agencies are jumping in to investigate the savage beating of a South Carolina man at the hands of Arkansas law enforcement officers. The governor touts tougher penalties, tighter surveillance of convicts and more prison beds as ways to deter crime.

State Police Commission promotes lawsuit litigant to major

Officer who sued over failure to be promoted gets the promotion less than 24 hours after suit was filed.

State Police promotion complaint draws rebuke from governor

Tom Mars and the governor are battling again, this time over a promotion in the State Police.

Legislature hears from State Police about increased incidence of vehicle pursuits and crash technique

State Police said lawlessness is on the rise on state highways and legislators cheered vigorous efforts to combat it, including a technique that wrecks suspect cars to end chases.

Federal court rules against State Police filtering of Facebook comments by critic

State Police must adjust its Facebook comment moderation practices.

Troopergate: A belated limited hangout on the Arkansas state troopers at the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6

OK, the State Police finally admits, maybe our troopers DID go to the Capitol. But nothing to see here. That is all.

What did the Arkansas state troopers see Jan. 6? And why won't the governor correct his misinformation?

An Arkansas State trooper apparently saw and took video of a paramilitary group being sought by the FBI for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. To date, the governor has insisted the trooper wasn't at the Capitol.

KATV: Governor says troopers weren't at Capitol Jan. 6, despite what they have written

Governor says troopers didn't go to Capitol, despite Facebook posts that indicate otherwise.

UPDATE: Hutchinson and State Police defend arrests in face of scattered violence

The governor said a couple of violent acts prompted police to move against peaceful protesters Tuesday night and make 78 arrests, all Arkansans. He continued to insist there's an outside influence to smart to get arrested.

The silent majority at work in Senate committee on seatbelt bill

Today's committee tomfoolery comes from the late afternoon meeting yesterday of the Senate Transportation Committee, which gave a favorable recommendation to SB 534 by Sen. Blake Johnson to enhance penalties for distracted driving and texting while driving but, significantly, to lower the penalty for failure to wear a seatbelt from a primary to secondary offense.