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Memo shows governor’s office demands close oversight of agency FOIA responses

The newly surfaced memo sheds fresh light on the extent to which the governor and her staff have insisted on controlling communications with the press and the public since Sanders first took office. 
IT Arkansas job board

Crawford County arrest investigation goes to special prosecutor

The Arkansas State Police has wrapped up its investigation of the force used by three officers in the violent arrest of man in Mulberry last month.

Special prosecutor appointed in review of violent Crawford County arrest; lawsuit also filed

Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler said late yesterday that the state police's part of the investigation -- into the police's use of force -- was "winding down." The FBI and the Justice Department also are investigating the matter.

UPDATE: Crawford County officers caught on video pummeling shoeless man, deputies suspended

An absolutely brutal arrest in Mulberry today left witnesses shaken. Cellphone video captured three officers beating a shoeless man, and punching his head into the cement. Witnesses tried to intervene.

The Don next door: How my quiet neighbor turned out to be a freedom fighter (and got shot in the face by police)

The normcore dad across the street gets his teeth and jaw shattered at a protest against police brutality. And taking a spray of lead shot to the face was just the beginning of his troubles.

Another day, another round of Jason Rapert

After the Arkansas Times reported details of Sen. Jason Rapert's report of threats to the State Police, he mounted an intensive lobbying campaign on the State Police — and also brought in the govenror's office — in an effort to get their help in repudiating the article.

State Police issues statement on Jason Rapert 'threats'

The State Police have issued a minor clarification in what appears to be an effort to soothe an enraged Sen. Jason Rapert, exposed here as overly excited about both a Conway parking lot question from a constituent as well as some inflammatory Internet rhetoric that he's interpreted as a dire threat on his life. State cops took his reports seriously, they say. But in the end, they found nothing actionable.

*UPDATED: Police decline to investigate shooting death of 107-year-old Pine Bluff man, special prosecutor named

KTHV-11 reports that Arkansas State Police will not investigate the shooting death of Monroe Isadore, the 107-year-old man killed in a shootout with a SWAT team last weekend. 

UPDATE Crash blocks I-40 near Crystal Hill

State Police spokesman Bill Sadler says he's gotten reports that a vehicle, probably a tanker-trailer, exploded in the westbound lane of I-40 at 12:30 this afternoon near the Crystal Hill overpass.