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Airport commission gives $24K bonus to director Malinowski after death

A $24,000 bonus will be distributed to Bryan Malinowski's estate. The airport is planning to conduct an employee search for a new executive director, and in the meantime, raise the salary of the interim director by 7%.
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Airport executive Malinowski dies after shootout with federal agents

"With a heavy heart, we announce the passing of our executive director Bryan Malinowski," airport commission chair Bill Walker said.

Little Rock airport commission elects Bill Walker as new chair

Airport commissioners at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport elected new officers at their first meeting of 2024 on Tuesday.

Airport commissioners spar for hours, vote to keep officers the same

Two executive sessions and hours of discussion on parliamentary procedures later, the commissioners voted 4-3 to keep the officers the same. Jill Floyd will stay as chairwoman, Stacy Hurst retains her vice chair and treasurer seat and Bill Walker is still secretary.

KATV: Bill Walker's state agency approves grants to sister UPDATE

KATV has dug up on questionable public dealings by a familiar figure — former state Sen. Bill Walker, who headed the state Career Education Department during the administration of Gov. Mike Beebe.

Bill Walker won't be staying in Hutchinson administration

Bill Walker won't be retained as director of the Arkansas Department of Career Education under Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Dick Gregory in Little Rock, with DIGNITY

Activist Dick Gregory was in Little Rock for a talk tonight, but he met before hand with a community group known as DIGNITY. Gregory had worked with the group in 1991 to fight inner city crime and the scourge of crack cocaine.

Career Education whistleblower's judgment affirmed by Supreme Court

The Blog reported last year on the case of Bob Means, who sued over his firing from counseling work at the Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center on the order of state Career Education Department Director Bill Walker, communicated though Robert Trevino, then head of state Rehabilitation Services.

Former state senator lands state agency job

One door closes for a term-limited legislator, another door opens. And it comes with a taxpayer paycheck and state retirement benefits in this case.

New leader at Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

I heard this morning that Arkansas has a new commissioner of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services to succeed Robert Trevino, who stepped down into a lesser role after 1) huge controversy over the hiring of an unqualified interpreter for the deaf and 2) a punishing state audit of the agency.

Trevino to take $40,000 pay cut at Rehabilitation Services

I got an answer today on the new pay for Robert Trevino, who announced Friday that he'd be stepping down as head of the Arkansas Rehabilitation Services Division of the Career Education Department.

The Mark Martin Fired Santa Claus Edition

Drama at a Legislative Joint Auditing Committee meeting, the casino amendment’s day in court, the latest from the secretary of state’s office, Gov. Beebe's formal endorsement of Medicaid expansion — all covered on this week's podcast.