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Who did the Arkansas Times endorse for circuit judge? Actually, we didn't.

A mailer that went out this week from the Cortinez campaign says he's been endorsed by the Arkansas Times. That's not accurate. The Arkansas Times hasn't made any official endorsements in the upcoming judicial elections.
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‘Podiumgate,’ ‘Lecterngate’: No matter what you call it, it’s a questionable mess

It’s easier to dismiss inconvenient facts that come from an opposing political philosophy than deal with the facts themselves.

The Sanders platform: Social media erupts over photo of governor's $19k lectern

Keyboard warriors are bringing their A game to solve the mysteries of #podiumgate. 

Live, laugh, lectern: Why Gov. Sanders might not worry much about that $19K podium

A history lesson on reimbursed charges to the state in 1997 suggests the governor may follow her dad's lead and weather #podiumgate unscathed.

On eve of special session, Arkansas lawmaker talks up plan to hide government information

The sponsor of a bill to kneecap Arkansas's Freedom of Information Act went on Capitol View Sunday to say it's not really a big deal. Should we just trust him on that, or should we look into it?

Arkansas Republican leaders launch all-out assault on FOIA

A proposed wholesale rework of Arkansas's longstanding Freedom of Information Act would throw a blanket of secrecy over state government.

Blue Hog sues for governor's travel records amid rumors FOI law is under attack

Attorney Matt Campbell, aka Blue Hog, is suing to access the governor's travel and security detail expenses. Meanwhile, rumors swirl that the very law that allows such access is under threat.

Arkansas state agency misfires on Twitter, shares photo of Colorado instead

Selling Arkansas as a tourist destination might be easier when it's Colorado.

Blue Hog breaks down the tricky Arkansas LEARNS math that leaves school districts holding the bag

The Blue Hog blog posted a deep dive exploring all the cases in which Arkansas LEARNS does not fully fund the raises it requires. Local school districts will have to make up the difference.

The ethics mulligan is now in use in Arkansas

Yet another ethics loophole is now in play for wayward legislators — the ability provided under a new law for a "cure" period for erroneous campaign finance and personal financial statements. Blue Hog learned this in his complaint against Treasurer Dennis Milligan.

For the kids open line

The line is open. Mike Ross meets the children, more on Blue Hog and judges, plus breaking news: another shooting breaks out at Fort Hood.