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Trump tweet costs Lockheed Martin shareholders $4 billion in value

The presidency by social media has its downside, shareholders in a couple of major corporations have learned. One was Lockheed
IT Arkansas job board

Labor Relations Board drops Boeing case

The National Labor Relations Board has dropped the case alleging unfair labor practice against the Boeing Corp. for locating a plant in South Carolina as retaliation against union workers in Washington.

Republicans attack labor law

On a mostly party-line vote, the U.S. House today approved legislation aimed at upsetting an ongoing NLRB case about Boeing's transfer of a production line from Washington to South Carolina as retaliation against union workers.

Who stole my country?

Don't know about you, but my scan of morning headlines was disheartening this morning. * LOATHING THE POOR: There's New York Times commentary on the Republican war on the poor.

Republican flavor of the day: Union bashing

Any day is a good day for labor bashing by the Republican Party. The latest gimmick is a Republican effort — a la the challenge to health care reform — to round up attorneys general from around the U.S. to sue over the National Labor Relations Board adverse decision on Boeing's move of a manufacturing line to South Carolina to get away from a union workforce in Washington.

Deconstructing Warren Stephens

Warren Stephens, CEO of Stephens Inc., wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal the other day about ways government could encourage corporate America to spend some of the cash it has amassed — more tax breaks, for example.

Gov. Beebe talks about the shale

Roby Brock's did a live Internet-streamed interview today with Gov. Mike Beebe, the first in a planned series of Q&As with politicians, and it sounds like the governor got quite a few questions about environmental protection in Fayetteville shale exploration.

Boeing-union clash heats up in South Carolina

Boeing's move of a production line to union-hating South Carolina in retaliation for strikes in Washington state looks like the next big fight on the anti-labor front.