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Little Rock officials approve step toward city-owned solar array

When it’s all said and done, the solar array is expected to provide 70% of Little Rock city government's electricity needs. At that rate, about $27 million would be saved over the next two decades, according to an estimate provided Tuesday.
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City officials to kick off sales tax meetings tonight in Ward 4

Bring your thoughts and concerns on the proposed sales tax increase in Little Rock. And maybe some popcorn, there's a chance things will get interesting.

Mayor floats 1% sales tax increase in Little Rock, city officials chime in

The proposed tax would generate $600 million over its 10-year lifespan, Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said Thursday.

Tornado debris pickup deadline pushed to June 25

Initially set for June 11, residents will have an additional two weeks to get tornado debris to the curb. The June 25 deadline will be final, Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott said. Debris should be separated from organic and construction material and placed within 10 feet from the road.

City curfew debate gets heated, Little Rock directors delay vote

Debate between taking decisive action versus taking the time to collect constituent feedback set flame to the Tuesday Little Rock Board of Directors meeting. A proposed curfew for young people is expected to be voted on at a June 13 meeting.

Tree replanting ideas are sprouting among Little Rock officials

Along with all the other destruction, the March tornado in Little Rock devastated the trees. Thousands were ripped from the ground, which left playgrounds, businesses, streets and whole neighborhoods without the tree canopy the residents knew and loved. Replanting plans are in the works now.

Trio's set to reopen Monday after tornado damage shut the restaurant down for more than 6 weeks

Trio's owner Capi Peck said Tuesday that she and her staff will be able to enter the restaurant again on Thursday, and after a serious deep clean and a lot of prep, the venerable West Little Rock eatery will reopen this Monday.

Little Rock board talks community center upgrades, tornado recovery funds, sidewalk replacements

The Tuesday Board of Directors meeting had a little bit of everything.

Little Rock directors a mixed bag on city’s proposed sale tax increase

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. announced plans to send a sales tax increase proposal to voters during his State of the City address on March 6, but he didn’t offer specifics. Still with no additional information, the Little Rock Board of Directors expressed a range of support.

Tornado sheltering in the walk-in: Tales of safety and hospitality from Little Rock restaurant coolers

“We just did what we needed to do to take care of our crew and our customers,” Benjamin Hoanzl said. “That’s why we’re here. We’re service industry, so people are number one.” 

Looking forward to mid-and-long-term tornado recovery

Speakers urged residents not to become numb to what happened. Hundreds of families were displaced, and they won’t be returning to their normal routines any time soon. People need help now, but they will also need help in a few weeks when the buzz has died down.

Little Rock Board of Directors approves 2023 budget after ‘petty’ squabble

A last-minute addition to the Board of Director's meeting caused drama between the members and Mayor Frank Scott Jr. on Tuesday. Much of the conversation related to his executive office, and he said the back-and-forth discussion was petty.