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Conway man will go to trial in Jan. 6 Capitol assault

No plea deal for man accused of assaulting cop with flagpole.
IT Arkansas job board

Fourth Arkansan charged with participating in Jan. 6 riot. Acts include pissing on Capitol

A fourth Arkansan has been charged with joining the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Among the allegations: He pissed on a column in the cafeteria.

Bigo Barnett has a lawyer worthy of his ilk

Bigo's lawyer did a Bigo-worthy rant on national TV today.

Government opposes more freedom for Bigo Barnett

Government says Capitol rioter should have even tougher bail restrictions.

Capitol riot participant from Gravette granted pre-trial release

Bigo Barnett can leave custody, but with many restrictions.

What the seditionists in Congress said on social media. Rick Crawford said plenty.

What they tweeted: A compilation of social media by congressmen who tried to block Joe Biden's election.

Richard Barnett, the Gravette man among Capitol intruders, 'throws tantrum' in court today

Richard Barnett isn't through disrupting things. But an outburst didn't free him from jail today.

More questions for Leslie Rutledge: The Republican 'war games' in advance of Trump's defeat

What did Leslie Rutledge know about Republican 'war games' to preserve the Donald Trump presidency?

Asa slams Trump again on national TV, says he alone shouldn't define Republican Party

The governor blames Trump for Jan. 6 and disagrees that he's indispensable to future Repubiican election success.

CNN clarifies: Tom Cotton asked for a knife on Jan. 6, not a gun

CNN says Tom Cotton summoned a knife, not a gun, for self-defense on Jan. 6.

Senate votes to proceed with impeachment trial; Senators Boozman and Cotton vote no, but six Republicans join Democrats

Let the trial begin!

Privacy in the age of cell phones: Forget it. See data tracking the march on the Capitol Jan. 6

Cell phone users beware. Somebody knows where you've been.