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State panel eyes new charter school application as required by LEARNS

A new application for would-be charter schools in Arkansas should “streamline” the work of the state panel responsible for overseeing charters, according to a Department of Education official.
IT Arkansas job board

Arkansas charter schools with a D or F grade are on the rise, panel told

There are currently 1,058 traditional public schools in the state and 82 charter schools. Out of the total, 32% were rated D or F in 2023. But 46% of all charter schools received a D or F grade.

For Arkansas charter schools, the grades are in — and they’re nothing special

Poverty is the strongest indicator of student achievement. Charter schools didn't change that, and vouchers won't, either.

Chartered territory: Failings of a two-tiered education system

With "school choice," private enterprise is doing what private enterprise always does: Companies seek out the low-cost, high-reward customers.

Sorting out the bluebirds: How school vouchers will hurt the kids in greatest need

The Arkansas LEARNS Act will soon usher in a new era of segregation, sorting students into the haves and the have-nots and leaving those have-nots further behind. There is too much of this already, and LEARNS will only make it worse.

Hundreds come to the Capitol, pack into House hearing on Arkansas LEARNS

On Tuesday morning, legislators poured out questions about how vouchers for any student who wants one and teacher raises across the board will get paid for without pulling money from small schools already on tight budgets. 

Education advocates join forces to fight school privatization components of Arkansas LEARNS bill

"The big point I want to highlight is that this bill is being sold as a public education bill. It has not very much to do with public education other than dismantling a lot of it," Arkansas Public Policy Panel Executive Director Bill Kopsky said. "We think what this really is, is a school privatization bill. We should just call it that."

Hearts, minds and 'school choice'

In Utah, one voucher lobbyist was caught on a hot mic saying that the purpose of the legislation was to “destroy public education.” So let’s confront the plain truth here.

Charter schools and vouchers won't solve poverty, and poverty is the problem

"Why do we keep opening up more and more publicly funded schools where the affluent children congregate, with poor kids left behind?"

Charter school students cheer as Governor Sanders and voucher evangelist Corey DeAngelis sell 'school choice'

Governor Sarah Sanders and school choice's salesman of the year, Corey DeAngelis, led a pep rally of charter students Monday.

Former LRSD superintendent Baker Kurrus assigns legislators some homework in open letter on 'school choice'

In the first of a series, longtime public education advocate Baker Kurrus details the unfulfilled promises of charter schools and predicts vouchers won't help the students who really need it.

Another executive order from the new gov, this time for charter expansion, more school security guards, etc.

Eight executive orders in two days! It might be a record.