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March 5 election may hand Gov. Sanders new state Supreme Court appointments

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders could end up appointing two new Arkansas Supreme Court Justices this year, depending on the outcome of two races.
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Little Rock police vehicle arson cases end with federal sentencing of four defendants

Mujera Benjamin Lung’aho will serve 5 1/2 years for setting police cars ablaze. Three other defendants will serve 18 months each.

State Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit over legislature's 'emergency clause' votes

Plaintiffs attorney Ali Noland blasted the decision, saying the various concurring opinions used "various legal gymnastics to get to [the] desired outcome."

Justice groups push new DNA testing in West Memphis Three case

Three groups including The Innocence Project have joined Damien Echols' effort to get new DNA testing on shoelaces used to hogtie victims.

Governor names special justice to hear LEARNS appeal before state Supreme Court

The governor has appointed a Republican lawyer from Perryville as a special justice in the LEARNS case now before the state Supreme Court.

Update: State Supreme Court asks for LEARNS appeal briefs by mid-August; Hiland will recuse

That schedule means the court won't rule on the LEARNS case until the law is already in effect, presumably.

Packing the Court with a Judge of One’s Own: A Sarah Sanders Story

No matter how normal these power-hungry politics begin to feel, Arkansans do not have to stand for it.

Contender for state Republican Party chair is a QAnon all-star

Sarah Dunklin, who's challenging Joseph Wood in a contest for the chairmanship of the Republican Party of Arkansas, has a wacky history as a QAnon true believer.

Update: AG appeals LEARNS ruling to state Supreme Court, insists new law is not on hold

A judge's order Friday would seem to have halted implementation of LEARNS. But the AG said the ruling "doesn’t order the [Education] Department to halt anything."

Gov. Sanders names state GOP chair Cody Hiland to fill state Supreme Court vacancy

Hiland, a former federal prosecutor from Conway, will hold the seat until 2025. Voters will choose his successor in an election next year.

UPDATE: Magie holds lead over Minner in state legislative race

Legislature hears from State Police about increased incidence of vehicle pursuits and crash technique

State Police said lawlessness is on the rise on state highways and legislators cheered vigorous efforts to combat it, including a technique that wrecks suspect cars to end chases.