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Sen. Mark Johnson urges release of money to agencies that pay his wife

Sen. Mark Johnson goes to bat for releasing state grants payable to agencies that employ his wife.
IT Arkansas job board

Plaintiffs say Judge Rudofsky should get off case challenging redistricting of Arkansas House because of his ties to defendants

ACLU says Judge Rudofsky should get off a case because he was a political backer of two defendants and former employee of one of them.

For the prosecution: Arkansas Supreme Court votes 4-3

Opinion written in favor of party that employs the author's husband.

French Hill: Fox in the coronavirus henhouse

Do you really want a rich banker "overseeing" distribution of federal CARES Act money? French Hill not only oversees it, he profits from it.

The governor — and his son — travel China UPDATE

The governor's trade trip to China raises questions about business his son is apparently doing with Chinese firms that have benefitted from government handouts in Arkansas.

The Senate's 'culture of corruption': Bledsoe clan edition

Jon Comstock, a former Benton County circuit judge making an uphill challenge of entrenched Republican incumbent Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, has released a tough assessment of the conflicts of interest in Bledsoe and her family's state employment. It's a good illustration of why recent talk of Senate ethics reform rings hollow.

Arkansas in list of states where environment regulators have industry ties

Of course Republicans in Arkansas don't object to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's coziness with pals in the coal industry. That's how we do business, too.

Senator questions Medicaid chief's involvement in waiver discussions with Arkansas

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has raised questions about Medicaid administrator Seema Verma's participation in rule waivers for three states, including Arkansas because she'd previously been paid for Medicaid consulting work for those states.

Legislative moonlighting can present conflicts, but it's all smiles for Stephen Meeks

The Center for Public Integrity has analyzed the outside employment of the nation's state legislators and, unsurprisingly, found many conflicts of interest. But there's also a friendly anecdote about moonlighting by one Arkansas legislator.

Conflicts of interest in the legislatures

The Center for Public Integrity and the Associated Press collaborated for a project aimed at highlighting state legislators whose lawmaking might be affected by private business interests.

Legislative audit faults relationship between former state tech chief and vendor

Legislative Audit released a blistering report today that sheds light on the abrupt departure of Mark Myers as director of the state Department of Information Systems last November.

Will Trump sell his D.C. hotel?

Hmm. Donald Trump leases the building in Washington in which he operates a luxury hotel (suddenly booming with business) from the federal government. The lease says clearly that no elected U.S. official may benefit from the property.