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Conway School Board clamps down on teachers with new policies on media interviews, use of school technology

The Conway School Board puts new limits on staff communication.
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Conway School Board considers policies to curtail employees' speech

Among the changes is a proposal that district employees must report any contact from the media, even if they don't grant an interview.

Religious rightwing candidates win seats on Conway School Board

The politically active Christian right wing has claimed two seats on the Conway School Board.

Conway School Board protester gets community service instead of jail on appeal

A Conway School Board protester who got an unusually tough sentence for minor, nonviolent offenses has received a much lighter deal on appeal.

Two Conway School Board elections are on the ballot

Voters will decide two races for the Conway School Board. Neither one of them is without controversy.

American Library Association monitors uptick in book censorship efforts

The American Library Association says book challenges are on the rise nationwide, and Arkansas isn't doing well either.

Jury trial set for November for UCA student appealing Conway School Board protest conviction

Colburn Clark's trial appealing his conviction will be in November. He's appealing his conviction and jail sentence over a nonviolent protest during a school board meeting in Conway.

New lawyer takes on case of Conway School Board protester, says punishment didn't fit the crime

One of two protesters fined and sentenced to jail for a nonviolent protest outside a Conway School Board meeting will have a new attorney when he goes to trial this fall in Faulkner County Circuit Court in Conway.

Conway student appeals jail sentence for peaceful school board protest

Standing up for trans rights has been worth the legal trouble, Colburn Clark said.

Trans rights advocate sentenced to jail time for Conway School Board protest

Colburn Clark, one of three University of Central Arkansas students arrested at a nonviolent protest over transgender rights during a Conway School Board meeting, was sentenced today to three days in jail and fined $650. It’s a notably steep penalty for criminal trespassing and failure to disperse charges.

Voters react to Conway School Board elections where the conservatives lost despite governor's endorsement

Voters supporting the victories of two challengers to "conservative" Conway School Board incumbents celebrated at an election watch party, on social media, with pictures of hugs and tears and with plenty of exclamation points.

Challengers beat two incumbents in contentious Conway School Board elections

School board elections are nonpartisan in Arkansas, but the Conway races became so contentious and aligned with political ideology that Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined the fray and endorsed the two self-styled conservative incumbents. Sanders' picks lost. The winners pledge to focus on education, not divisive culture war issues.