Arkansas coronavirus news & updates

Info from local authorities

The COVID report and open line

The Arkansas Department of Health reports 714 new cases of COVID-19, a decline in the number of hospitalized by four and an increase of eight people on ventilators. And here's an open line.
picture of Arkansas Razorback football Coach Sam Pittman

No midseason feeling of despair for fans of this Arkansas football team

Coach Sam Pittman's presence so far has been one that reassures the agitated folks among us. When the Hogs would have these midseason swoons in the past, my needle always hovered somewhere between “this guy can’t hack it” and “we’ll never be any good.” I don’t have those feelings at all at this juncture.

Today's news: The governor capitulates to legislature

What? You thought the governor would veto bills just because they're terrible?

Today's news: Local politics in the spotlight

Little Rock controversy and some good sense in Craighhead County lead our news roundup.

Coronavirus today: Another decline in hospital cases, but 733 new cases overall.

The hospital count continues downward

Today's news: Another session; COVID, and a big lawsuit settlement

The clown car is coming back to the Capitol in two weeks. And other news.

Coronavirus today: Still downward

The usual light Monday, but still generally downward.

ACLU cleared to review COVID prevention in Arkansas prisons

ACLU cleared to inspect COVID-19 protection practices in the state prisons.

COVID and the open line

COVID numbers and the open line

A typical day on the virus.