Arkansas coronavirus news & updates

Articles about the status of the coronavirus outbreak in Arkansas will remain free to access throughout the pandemic.

Info from local authorities

A busy day for the daily video news roundup

Busy day meant a late video roundup.

Coronavirus update: Another big increase in new cases

Another big jump in coronavirus cases and deaths. The governor hopes the trend will level out some day.

Today's video: Violence and virus, again

Today's video and open line.

Little Rock protest organizers looking for solutions

On Saturday, May 30, hundreds gathered in late afternoon to march along Little Rock's Capitol Avenue downtown in protest of the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The three young organizers of the peaceful march said they wanted to provide a healthy means of expression for a community reeling in the wake of yet another instance of a white police officer killing an unarmed black man. 

Coronavirus update: A record number of new cases and praise for State Police

Gov. Asa Hutchinson's daily coronavirus briefing was more bad news: 375 new cases, a record for a single day.

State tax revenue flowing far better than expected -- $80 million worth in May

Money is flowing in Arkansas better than expected during the virus downtown.

A day in the life of the pandemic: Good and bad, the latter in Arkansas

A New York Times article illustrating divergent national experiences with the pandemic uses Arkansas as an example of the down side.

Today's news: Demonstrations and coronavirus

Cops and coronavirus. Protests and counter-protests. It's in today's news.

Coronavirus today: 190 more cases, but, first, remarks on the protests

Demonstrations against police brutality upstaged Gov. Asa Hutchinson's daily coronavirus briefing. But, again, COVID-19 cases are piling up.

Mayor reinstates curfew after two nights of disturbances

After nights of disturbances, Mayor Frank Scott Jr. has reinstated Little Rock's curfew.