Arkansas coronavirus news & updates

Articles about the status of the coronavirus outbreak in Arkansas will remain free to access throughout the pandemic.

Info from local authorities

Modeling coronavirus: COVID to peak with 30,000 active cases in April

In the absence of widespread vaccine distribution, we won't be on the downhill slope for four more months.

UAMS opens vaccines to staff

Hundreds of employees at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences were lined up today for their shots as the institution opened vaccination eligibility to all, whether involved in patient care or not. 

The open line and news roundup on vaccinations, the legislature and getting rid of Trump.

News roundup is on the vaccine front; the legislature and foolish Donald Trump.

Coronavirus today: Vaccines to be opened up for older people and school employees next week

The plan to improve vaccinations came up at the governor's weekly coronavirus briefing today.

Vaccinations: Help may be coming with more vaccine for more people in more places

With a push from the incoming Biden administration, the Trump administration is moving today to speed vaccine distribution.

ICU beds vanishing; none in North Central Arkansas

Statewide, only 41 of 1,156 ICU beds are unfilled.

Coronavirus today: The Monday lull in cases, but the hospital rate is not good

Coronavirus today:

The news roundup: Legislature, COVID and the Trump coup. The line is open.

The news today is from two capitols and the COVID watch.

The Sunday open line and, UPDATE, the daily COVID numbers

The COVID report is not encouraging in either new cases or vaccine administered, but the governor offers no new words.

The numbers illustrate Arkansas's vaccination failure. People are noticing

Arkansas is a national laggard in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine and lots of people aren't happy about it.