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Jonesboro library system avoids closing branches but must make other cuts

The Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library system will reduce its main library's hours to avoid closing any branches after its funding was slashed in a vote last year. Other cuts, such as storytimes at daycares and nursing homes, are also planned.
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Arkansas Senate to vote Friday on Rapert's appointment to state Library Board

The Arkansas Senate is scheduled to vote on gubernatorial appointments on Friday. Among them is an especially controversial one: former state Sen. Jason Rapert's appointment to the Arkansas State Library Board.

Jonesboro-based library to lose 13 employees after funding slashed

The Jonesboro-based library system has notified 13 employees of layoffs due to funding cuts. Some branches may have to close, and books and other media offerings will be reduced.

Faulkner County Library Board hears complaints about meeting room cancellations

The Faulkner County Library community meeting rooms that used to be yours for the asking are now off limits to everyone equally as the library tries to stay clear of a political storm. Not everyone is happy about it.

UPDATE: Faulkner County library cancels community-led events after public officials get upset over drag queen

The Faulkner County Library Board recently canceled more than a dozen public meetings in the Conway library, even noncontroversial ones, after the county judge warned members they needed to "avoid what happened in Craighead County."

Jonesboro lawmaker targets librarians with legislation that could lead to jail or prison sentences

The law would allow misdemeanor, felony and civil actions against librarians who provide minors access to materials a Joneboro Republican deems obscene.

Dispatch from the Jonesboro library wars

Young and hungry Jonesboro progressives like Dean MacDonald Jr. aren't giving up the fight against the book banners just yet.

UPDATE: Jonesboro library planning layoffs

KAIT-TV in Jonesboro is reporting that layoffs are planned at the Craighead County/Jonesboro Public Library. The news comes after voters slashed the library's chief funding in half -- from two to one mills -- in Tuesday's elections.

Jonesboro area voters approve effort to defund public library

In northeast Arkansas, voters have sadly opted to defund the Craighead County/Jonesboro Public Library by cutting its millage in half. The good news is that the library director hopes to get a proposal to refund the library on a future ballot.

Jonesboro librarian releases video refuting false funding claim

The director of the Craighead County/Jonesboro Public Library has released a videotaped explanation of how its funding works and effectively refutes claims that the library is sitting on a $6 million cash surplus.

Effort to save Jonesboro library gets big boost from famous author

Bestselling author Nora Roberts has made a $25,000 donation to help fight against an effort to defund the Craighead County/Jonesboro Public Library.

Committee forms in Jonesboro to save libraries

As one group tries to defund a northeast Arkansas library, another is working to save it.