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Polish your cowboy boots, Brad Williams made a solo record

The best country music baritone in the state is doing the thing, y'all. Salty Dogs frontman Brad Williams — pride of Marked Tree, Arkansas — announced this week that he'll be putting out a solo record, "The Greatest is Love."
IT Arkansas job board

Fox Green is back (and fully-formed) with 'Holy Souls'

“Holy Souls" is confident, sturdy yet loose and, rarer still, joyful.

Songwriter Jim Mize dead at 64 of heart complications

Jim Mize of Conway, Arkansas — a perpetually undersung songwriter and a longtime insurance claims adjustor whose work commutes often traced the wake of natural disaster — died today of heart complications, his family reports.

'Put some beef on it': Five Questions with Joe Yoder of Joe and The Feels

"Beef" and the rest of the tracks on "Unsupervised," like Yoder's music with Little Rock outfit The See, are the sort of melody-driven pop rock anthems made for howling along to in a sweaty circle of friends at a concert — were they not concocted in a concertless era.

UAMS' Dr. Cam Patterson plays guitar, and his band's new album is fully of the moment

It doesn’t seem possible cultural products produced in 2020 are going to be able to pass by without reference to the pandemic.

Friday To-Do: Steve Howell and The Mighty Men

Steve Howell performs at The Afterthought Friday.

New Frontier Circus

Local rockers take on Nancy & Lee, Velvets, Cher, Glen Campbell on new EP.