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Sen. David Sanders lands Innovate Arkansas job

Winrock International announced today that Sen. David Sanders of Little Rock had been named director of Innovate Arkansas, a state-funded effort administered by Winrock to encourage technology ventures.
IT Arkansas job board

The 91st Arkansas General Assembly: It's going to be a beast

Some legislation to look for, and how to speak your mind.

Sen. David Sanders is a sartorial hit

Roger Stone, a political consultant, compiles an annual best- and worst-dressed list for the Daily Caller, a right-leaning website. This year, among the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Anderson Cooper, is a natty Arkansan — Sen. David Sanders of Little Rock (right after Huma Abedin).

Arkansas's incarceration crisis

Matt Campbell at Blue Hog Report has a piercing look at what a guest writer calls the state's "incarceration crisis" — the unabated rise in prison population despite a declining crime rate.

Senator: Numbers being dumped from insurance 'troubling'

Sen. David Sanders tells John Lyon of the Arkansas News Bureau that the number of people being dropped from private option insurance coverage for failure to respond in 10 days to mail about their income is "troubling." Yes.

Tax breaks for the deserving

Republican faith holds that poor people dine from a buffet of welfare benefits. But let's look.

Hutchinson signs middle-income tax cut bill, promises more in the future

Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed his promised tax cut package into law this morning with a bipartisan group of dozens of legislators in attendance. It caps quite a week for the governor, in which the two biggest pieces of legislation the session is likely to see — the tax bill and the private option — were approved by the General Assembly by wide margins and sent to his desk.

Town hall Thursday on police and community relationships

A town hall on police-community relations is scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the Mosasic Templars Cultural Ccenter.

Gun raffle to help Arkansas Baptist High students facing tragedy

Arkansas schools use guns as fund-raisers, the latest Arkansas Baptist, which hopes to help students who might face tragedy.

Picking apart the teachers' insurance "fix" just approved by the legislature

The crisis in the public school employee (PSE) insurance system is complicated. The politics behind it are complicated. The solutions just passed by the legislature to once again shore up the troubled fund — those are complicated, too. But the underlying reason behind the fund’s insolvency is simple: the public isn't paying enough for its share of PSE insurance.

Three GOP senate battles could determine the future of the Arkansas health care private option

Opponents of incumbent Sens. Bill Sample and Bruce Holland, Rep. John Burris focus on private option vote.

Per-person costs for private option rising, but Arkansas taxpayers almost certainly won't be on the hook

The D-G reports this morning that the per-person cost of the private option for the month of April thus far is $496, which is about $18 above the monthly per-person spending cap set by the feds. The "budget neutrality caps" are a topic I've been intending a deep-dive post on (and the subject of a recent piece in Forbes taking a look at the Arkansas private option), so let's jump in! The question of cost is of course a crucially important one in evaluating the private option policy. But I come bearing good news for Rep. Joe Farrer, who says that "Arkansas taxpayers are going to end up on the hook": Because of the way that the waiver is designed, there is almost no chance of Arkansas taxpayers paying out money to the feds for potential cost overruns during the private option waiver