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March 5 election may hand Gov. Sanders new state Supreme Court appointments

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders could end up appointing two new Arkansas Supreme Court Justices this year, depending on the outcome of two races.
IT Arkansas job board

Judge Griffen blasts partisan Supreme Court candidates, draws comparison with his own treatment

A blast from Wendell Griffen on judicial ethics, a topic with which he has personal experience.

The Republican assault on judicial integrity. All partisan, all the time

Judicial ethics. They no longer exist in Arkansas in races for the Supreme Court.

Judge Chip Welch forms committee to explore Supreme Court race against Justice Hart

Circuit Judge Morgan "Chip" Welch of Little Rock announced today that he'd formed an exploratory committee to consider a race for the seat on the Arkansas Supreme Court currently held by Justice Josephine Linker Hart.

Suit filed over Arkansas treatment of disabled on Medicaid

Officials of the Arkansas Department of Human Services face a new federal lawsuit over the treatment of disabled people in a Medicaid program meant to allow care at home rather than nursing homes.


Courtney Goodson won her race to stay on the state Supreme Court last week with something to spare, in spite of the unprecedented sludge of dark-money ads that tried to persuade people that she was an execrable wench who was capable of almost anything.

Money not yet talking in Supreme Court race

Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson will hang onto her court seat.

Predictions anyone? A couple of Arkansas races of interest

Many races locally and nationally are of interest, of course, but two Arkansas election contests are particularly interesting to me because I just don't have a clue how they'll turn out:

Judicial independence under attack in Arkansas

An op-ed in the Washington Post reports on Republican efforts to shape state courts, specifically mentioning Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Florida and North Carolina. The authors easily could have added Arkansas.

Judge denies Courtney Goodson request for injunction against negative advertising

Federal Judge Brian Miller today turned down Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson's request for a preliminary injunction to stop attack advertising by a Washington-based special interest group in support of her opponent David Sterling.

No ruling today on Justice Goodson's effort to squelch negative advertising

Federal Judge Brian Miller took under advisement today Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson's request for a preliminary injunction to silence TV ads criticizing her and supporting David Sterling for her seat on the court.

Judicial election watchdog blasts ads targeting Justice Courtney Goodson

A volunteer group established to police campaigns for judicial elections is blasting a Republican group's advertising aimed at supporting David Sterling's attempt to unseat Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson.