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The specter of more insurrections: No Guard presence planned at Arkansas Capitol as yet

In Little Rock, authorities are watchful.
IT Arkansas job board

Re Tom Cotton and using military against protesters. Military leaders see it differently

Tom Cotton wants to use military to rout demonstrations. Military leaders, real ones, don't.

They marched across the globe Saturday and one was so blind he could not see

Tens of thousnads marched around the world in memory of George Floyd and against racial oppresion. Donald Trump wasn't impressed.

Conway drops its curfew. Little Rock?

Curfew ends in Conway. Still awaiting word in Little Rock.

Today's video and open line: Lots more COVID-19 in Arkansas; lots of troops on the ground in LR

Coronavirus, curfew and Confederates on today's video news roundup.

Police and protests: Violence begets more violence


Governor reveals National Guard activated and participated in shutdown of Sunday demonstration

Gov. Asa Hutchinson disclosed today that the National Guard had been activiated Saturday and participated in dispersal of a crowd of demonstrators Sunday night with tear gas.

ACLU urges police to de-militarize demonstration response

The ACLU asks police not to use tear gas against demonstrations. Too late.

A lame reprise of the Tea Party captivates media again

Is the media again giving undue attention to fringe group of right-wing protesters?

Political correctness in the age of Trump. Pull a gun

Alabama immigration rally draws man who cheered ICE and pulled a gun on the crowd. In Arkansas, too, an ICE T-shirt drew attention.

The resistance continues from Arkansas

"Repair don't repeal. Trumpcare kills." So chanted a group of people from Arkansas demonstrating in the Senate office building in Washington today.

Health care demonstrators descend on Cotton, Boozman offices

A crowd supporting the continuation of the Affordable Care Act against Republican onslaughts descended on Little Rock offices of U.S. Sens. Tom Cotton and John Boozman today.