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Arkansas not among states told by federal authorities to pause Medicaid 'unwinding,' DHS says

Arkansas is kicking children off Medicaid at an alarming rate, but it's not among the states that were asked to press pause by federal authorities this week.
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Medicaid advocates deliver letters to offices of Cotton, Boozman and Sanders

The crew at Arkansas Community Organizations is resilient. Their latest move against the Medicaid disenrollments included hand delivering letters in the Arkansas Capitol.

Biden administration warns Arkansas, others on kicking people off Medicaid over paperwork

Arkansas's high rate of "procedural" closures "raises concerns that eligible individuals, including children, may be losing coverage," a CMS deputy director wrote to the state on Aug. 9.

Another 82K Arkansans lost Medicaid in July due to end of pandemic-era eligibility

The July number brings the total number of Arkansas Medicaid closures since April to around 300,000. As in other states, many of the people in Arkansas who lost coverage may (or may not) still be eligible, but the correct paperwork was never done to know for sure.

States trim 4 million from Medicaid and Arkansas is among those leading the way, WaPo reports

Every state is "unwinding" pandemic-era Medicaid eligibility rules at the moment, but some are handling it more carefully than others. Arkansas is not among the cautious.

Arkansas's 2018 Medicaid work requirement debacle holds lessons for Georgia as it rolls out similar policy

Arkansas told federal Medicaid authorities its new proposal is nothing like the "burdensome" 2018 work requirement. "DHS heavily considered the lessons learned," the agency said.

Arkansas Medicaid recipients could lose benefits starting April 1

More than one million Arkansans receive Medicaid assistance, but an estimated 420,000 of those could be at risk of losing their benefits at the end of the Public Health Emergency on April 1. Over the next six months, the Department of Human Services will redetermine folks' eligibility. However, administrative errors and problems making contact could unenroll people who still qualify.

Sanders announces pilot program to allow DHS employees to bring their kids to work

The program — called Families at Work — will allow some DHS employees to bring their children to work. Eventually, the program could be implemented at all state agencies, Gov. Sarah Sanders said Tuesday.

Governor names Mark White to head DHS

A department veteran will succeed Cindy Gillespie.

The governor said only 4% of traditional Medicaid recipients have been vaccinated. That's not correct.

It turns out the state has only received 27,000 claims for COVID shots for Medicaid recipients. But many more people have likely gotten shots.

Back to work? Not so fast for some at DHS

COVID-19 in the workplace can be a bother. See the Department of Human Services.

State moves to take over two nursing homes, monitor three more

The state Department of Human Services says it is moving to assume control of nursing homes in Trumann and Ola in the interest of patient safety.