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Trust Arkansas truckers? Think again

Sen. Johnny Key sent a Twitter message without comment last night. It's a photo of a page from the Arkansas Truckers Association magazine and includes the statement that the Association will work to defeat any attempt to repeal the sales tax exemption on big rigs that they achieved in 2011 by deception.
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The greedy truckers

Brummett continues to apologize for the truck lobby and insist they were willing all along to pay for a diesel tax increase and only wanted a sales tax exemption as an offset (or, perhaps, a net gain.)

The highway construction dilemma

John Lyon of Stephens Media highlights a critical bit of fallout from the apparent implosion of the idea to increase the tax on diesel to pay for repairs to the bridge freeway routes that truckers regularly destroy.

The truckers want it all

It becomes clearer than ever that the truck lobby pulled a fast one on the legislature.

Beebe opposes truck tax break without diesel tax

KUAR's Kelly MacNeil reports that Gov. Mike Beebe makes it clear he'll seek repeal of a sales tax exemption on truck and trailer sales without an increase in the diesel tax to repair the freeways the trucking industry destroys.

Tax break for truckers? Give me a break

The Democrat-Gazette followed up today on news columnist John Brummett broke over the weekend about the truck lobby's reluctance to have an election on a 5-cent-a-gallon diesel tax increase because polling detected an anti-tax mood.

Diesel tax plan may die

John Brummett breaks news this morning. He reports that polling by the truck lobby has found deep voter antipathy toward a proposal to raise the tax on diesel fuel by a nickel to contribute to the cost of improvements to the interstate bridge routes that big trucks pound to rubble every few years.

The year of the tax increase

Rob Moritz at Stephens Media rounds up the wealth of local tax increase proposals developing around the state as the state prepares for statewide ballot issues to raise the diesel tax and sales tax to pay for highway repair and construction.

Have Arkansas voters been trucked?

Did I read the article in the Democrat-Gazette this morning correctly? Did I read that truckers will get a honking big rig sales tax reduction EVEN IF voters don't approve a nickel increase in the tax on diesel for a highway bond program?

Republicans' lips are moving ....

... you know what that means. Hats off to Jason Tolbert, who's been dogging the great mystery of the nickel diesel tax increase, which passed the Senate yesterday with the bare 18 votes necessary, not a single one of them a Republican.

Good day for highway tax increases

Only twenty-five members of the House objected today to passage of Rep. Jonathan Barnett's proposed constitutional amendment to raise the sales tax to build freeways.

Be in your seats, children

Special notice for the five Republicans on the eight-member Senate Transportation Committee. Sen. Linda Chesterfield, the chair, has called a committee meeting immediately after adjournment.