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Surprise: Arkansas Republican Party opposes lawsuit to make it safer and easier to vote in November

Of course the state Republican Party doesn't want more people voting in November. Donald Trump says the more people vote, the more likely he is to lose.
IT Arkansas job board

Ethics complaint against Barbara Webb grinds slowly, an illustration of toothless ethics regulation in Arkansas

Little Rock lawyer Jessica Virden Mallett has complained to ethics regulators about the overt partisanship in Barbara Webb's campaign for Arkansas Supreme Court and isn't happy with the slowness by which such ethics complaints are handled.

Judicial politics on display in criminal case, current elections

The stench of undue political influence in judicial races in Arkansas never seems to wane.

UPDATE: Partisanship and dark money in the race for Arkansas Supreme Court

Dark money and partisanship in the race for Arkansas Supreme Court.

Trump's motive and the urgency of going after Hunter Biden, even in Arkansas

More evidence of Donald Trump's impeachable doings in Ukraine and the seeming tie of his defense to an Arkansas paternity case.

As the Hunter Biden case turns UPDATE

Independence County Circuit Judge Don McSpadden this morning amended a previous order in the Hunter Biden paternity case.

UPDATE: Judge lays down the law in Hunter Biden paternity case

Circuit Judge Don McSpadden has summarized in a letter today what he expects going forward in the paternity case against Hunter Biden, son of the former vice president. In short: No nonsense.

Look who's talking about corruption: The party of Jeremy Hutchinson and huge supporting cast.

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton's go-to reporter at the Democrat-Gazette had more on Cotton's oppo research on disappeared Democratic Senate challenger Josh Mahony this morning. The Republican hypocrisy on display was a sight to behold.

UPDATE: The Mahony mystery needs answers, including from the Arkansas Republican Party

Big questions: Why did Josh Mahony drop out of the Senate race? Did Republican operatives have anything to do with it? Do we really need lectures on the rule of law from Doyle Webb?

Supreme Court race to become official today

A contest for Arkansas Supreme Court will become official this morning when Barbara Webb, currently serving in a Republican administration appointment at the Workers Compensation Commission and wife of Arkansas Republican Party chair Doyle Webb, will file for the seat currently held by Justice Jo Hart, who's expected to retire.

Trump to file in Arkansas Friday.

The Trump campaign says he'll file for the Arkansas primary election ballot at 11 a.m. Friday in the persons of his former press aide, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, now a Pleasant Valley resident, and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

Judge Chip Welch files for Arkansas Supreme Court

One candidate is in the race for Position 4 on the Arkansas Supreme Court, currently held by Justice Jo Hart. Circuit Judge Morgan "Chip" Welch filed for the seat.