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Arkansas AG rejects proposed measure to conduct elections via hand-marked paper ballots

The push for hand-counted paper ballots across the U.S. stem from conspiracies fueled by Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was stolen.
IT Arkansas job board

Arkansas candidates for state and federal offices begin filing for 2024 election

Candidates step up to challenge some incumbents currently representing Arkansas in Little Rock and Washington, D.C.

Partisan electioneering at work in Arkansas. A taste of things to come.

The Republican Party has criminalized human error. It is just a taste of the vote suppression tactics to come.

Arkansas at the forefront of the Republican attack on local control and democracy

From city hall to the U.S. Capitol, Republicans are making to insure that they control elections and just about every other facet of government.

Trump floats election delay

He's hoping his poll numbers might improve.

School board filings begin

Three file in Little Rock.

The early line on Little Rock city board candidates

Lots of interest in four Little Rock city board seats.

Why does Asa Hutchinson wish ill on Arkansas voters and poll workers?

It's official. Asa Hutchinson wants voting to be as dangerous as possible.

Voting: A few problems now, but what about November?

It's time to vote by mail. The coronavirus pandemic proves it.

Early voting begins today

Early voting begins today. Presidential primaries and a race for Arkansas Supreme Court are the main attractions.

Election night blues for Donald Trump

There were setbacks small and large for Donald Trump in elections Tuesday.

Judicial speculation, Supreme Court version

A Supreme Court political question: Will Justice Josephine Linker Hart seek re-election in 2020.