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Count the votes! Preferably just my votes!

The deeply split Florida vote would be a mess even without fraudulent claims of fraud by Republican senatorial candidate Rick Scott, who wants vote counting stopped with him ahead.
IT Arkansas job board

Study: More voters purged from rolls nationwide since Voting Rights Act rollback

Nationwide, "almost 4 million more names were purged from the rolls between 2014 and 2016 than between 2006 and 2008," the Brennan Center report states. That's an increase of 33 percent in the number of removed voters. By contrast, the increase in the number of total registered voters was 18 percent.

Facebook: The Russians messed with Texas

Business Insider has a fairly shocking story out about a pro-Trump, anti-immigrant Facebook page, purportedly based in Texas, which turned out to be a front for Russian election meddling.

Republican House candidate facing jail time

Jacob Kauffman at NPR takes note that the state Court of Appeals this week upheld a harassment conviction of Republican James Hall of Monticello, the candidate for a House seat held by the late Democratic Rep. Sheila Lampkin

Secretary of state sends stronger guidance to county clerks on voter data — finally

Secretary of State Mark Martin sent a letter Tuesday to county clerks offering advice on ensuring that voters aren't improperly struck from voter rolls on basis of a list he distributed to the clerks.

Former Arkansan has a hit with Trump or Jesus? quiz

The Washington Post reports on an Internet hit — a parody devised by an Arkansas native and his girlfriend, now screenwriters in California.

Thousands of Arkansas voters flagged for removal

After sending faulty felony data to every county in Arkansas, the secretary of state’s office says it’s up to county clerks to fix the mistakes.

Meet two Arkansans wrongly stripped of their voter registration by the state's flawed data

Both men have since been reinstated by their respective county clerks, but only after spending much time trying to rectify the problem.

Data mix-up from Ark. secretary of state purges unknown number of eligible voters

Those affected include some ex-felons now eligible to vote, as well as some 4,000 people who have never been convicted of a felony but were somehow mistakenly flagged as such.

Pulaski County filings short on election contests

Only three Pulaski County government elections produced partisan contests when filing concluded yesterday.

A Democrat for House District 58: Jonesboro lawyer Nate Looney announces candidacy

Jonesboro attorney Nate Looney announced today he's running for the General Assembly as a Democrat. He'll challenge Republican Brandt Smith, a first term representative, for the House District 58 seat.

The rise of the Southern Democrat?

A new breed of Democrat offers hope for many U.S. Senate contenders, including Mark Pryor, in what an opinion writer for The Hill calls a battle between Johnny Cash Democrats and Ted Nugent Republicans