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Arkansas asks appeals court to overrule EPA after agency rejects state's clean air plan

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin has asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the the Eighth Circuit to overrule the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's rejection of Arkansas's plan to comply with the Clean Air Act. 
IT Arkansas job board

Trump administration tries to bury bad news on climate change (Trump still in denial)

"I don't believe it," Trump said of the new report on climate change released by his own administration.

ADEQ issues notice of final permit denial to C&H Hog Farm; appeal looms

The latest in the fight over the 3,000-hog feeding operation near the Buffalo River watershed.

Guardian UK reports on the failing state next door

Guardian UK recently published a deep and enlightening dive into the fortunes of Oklahoma, the Republican-dominated state where the petroleum industry largely holds sway over environmental regulations, fracking-driven earthquakes rattle the land, school teachers make less than convenience store clerks, 1-in-12 residents has a felony conviction, and Gov. Mary Fallin's best idea to help stave off an ongoing budget meltdown was to proclaim Oilfield Prayer Day, asking Oklahoma residents to use the power of prayer to halt falling global oil prices.

Trump aims to reverse climate change agenda at Department of Energy, targets staffers

A memo sent to the Energy Department suggests that the Trump team is trying to weed out staffers who have worked on President Barack Obama's agenda to combat climate change.

Arkansas AG Rutledge praises appointment of petroleum industry ally to lead EPA

Pruitt's appointment is a disaster for the planet, if you believe what science says about climate change.

Standing Rock protests bear fruit as Army Corps announces pipeline reroute

A victory for the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies may only be temporary. President-elect Donald Trump has yet to weigh in.

Briefs filed in case over hog waste 'land farming' permit in Buffalo watershed

Briefs were filed earlier this week in a case appealing the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality's decision to allow a farm in the Buffalo River watershed to spread millions of gallons of pig manure on its property each year.

Rutledge files yet another lawsuit against a federal environmental rule: critical habitat

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge takes on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over new rules concerning "critical habitat" for endangered and threatened species.

A win for the EPA on air quality, a black eye on water regulations

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency won a victory in the D.C. Court of Appeals today on its Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. On a political level, that's probably outweighed by a slapdown offered yesterday by a congressional watchdog agency concerning another regulation, the Waters of the United States rule. Arkansas AG Leslie Rutledge is in the middle of both fights.

After Paris talks, UA reiterates pledge to be 'climate neutral' by 2040

The University of Arkansas announced today it's recommitting to a pledge on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as part of the landmark agreement on climate change that was reached by most of the world's nations in Paris over the weekend.

Legislature signs off on five-year hog farm ban in Buffalo watershed

The Legislative Council has approved a compromise regulation creating a five-year ban on new construction of medium-to-large hog farms in the Buffalo River watershed.