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Former Arkansas lottery exec lands gig in New Mexico

I'm back at work after a long hiatus and a little unsure about everything that's been reported in my absence.
IT Arkansas job board

Arkansas Lottery trumpets $300 million in scholarship money

But only about 20 percent of sales are going to scholarships, which makes the Arkansas Lottery one of the worst performing in the country.

Lottery profit smaller than it appears

Big headlines this morning for the news yesterday that the Arkansas Lottery finished the fiscal year June 30 $3.4 million ahead of last year.

Attorney general sues over marching band scam

The attorney general's office announced today it had filed a consumer protection lawsuit against the Hawaii travel agent that took almost $400,000 from two Arkansas marching bands then failed deliver on the promised trips to Hawaii.

Attorney general declines opinion on lottery contract

State Rep. Kim Hammer raised some interesting questions for Attorney General Dustin McDaniel in the form of an official opinion request.

The Arkansas lottery's very bad deal

A tout today for some items in this week's issue of the Arkansas Times. * LOTTERY AND ERNIE P.'S LEGACY: Lindsey Millar's cover story explains in detail how the Arkansas Lottery got put into a very bad deal with major lottery vendors by former director Ernie Passailaigue.

The ghost of Ernie Passailaigue

Deals made by the former lottery chief cost Arkansas millions.

South Carolina swindle

It wasn't hard to explain Ernie Passailaigue's decision to resign as director of the Arkansas Lottery last September. He'd faced two firing attempts, two scolding legislative audits and was facing harsh criticism over a $100,000 fine levied by the IRS on the lottery for late payment of taxes withheld from lottery winners.

Lottery Commission ready to sweep bad deal under rug? UPDATE

At a meeting tomorrow, the Arkansas Lottery Commission is likely to consider a settlement with Scientific Games International (SGI), the instant ticket vendor that’s received almost $7.5 million more than it would have had a contract approved by the Arkansas Lottery Commission and the Arkansas Lottery Commission Legislative Oversight Committee been honored.

Where's the outrage on Arkansas Lottery?

Catching up this morning on a sketchy Internet connection, I read Lindsey Millar's update on Ernie Passailaigue's legacy as director of the Arkansas Lottery.

Passailaigue still haunts Arkansas Lottery

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has received nearly $2 million less than it would have had a contract approved by the Arkansas Lottery Commission been honored, according to Lottery Commission Internal Audit documents that Times received through a Freedom of Information request.

Lottery expense cleanup continues

An Arkansas Lottery Commission subcommittee met today to discuss continuing efforts to respond to shortcomings in a legislative audit and put procedures in place to avoid repeat unfavorable findings.