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Trash the vote: Why Arkansas rejects more of its mail-in ballots than almost any other state

Arkansas chucks out more of its absentee ballots than most other states, disenfranchising members of the military, students away at school, people unable to reach the polls for medical reasons and many others.
IT Arkansas job board

"Worst state in the country for voters," Arkansas election expert Josh Price says

Former Pulaski County Election Commissioner Joshua Ang Price's firsthand experience navigating byzantine rules to get ballots qualified and tallied informs his ongoing work. Now the deputy director of Arkansas United, a nonpartisan immigrants' rights advocacy group, Price continues the battle for ballot access by fighting laws that infringe on voting rights and letting voters know about the headaches they might encounter so they can be prepared.

Pulaski Election Commission to settle suit by election worker fired over unsupported allegation by former commission chair Kristi Stahr

Lawsuit to be settled over firing of election worker over his political beliefs.

Pulaski County Election Commission approves poll worker who sued over past refusal

Veteran poll worker will return this election, with a lawsuit pending over his firing by previous Election Commission.

Pulaski County Election Commissioners pick a new map, and it's not the one you might think

New map, same as the old map (almost). And it's a no for the last-minute pitch from a former election chair.

The Republicans' Pulaski county government gerrymander gets scant public support

Overwhelming opposition to a Republican gerrymander of the Pulaski County governing body doesn't mean it won't be approved by a GOP-controlled commission.

Gerrymandering, Pulaski County Republican-style

It's not too late to object to the Republican gerrymander of districts for Pulaski County's governing body.

Two more Pulaski maps up for consideration, including one that pits current JPs against each other

Two last-minute additions are added to the pile of maps being considered for Pulaski County Quorum Court redistricting. One of those options comes from former Pulaski Election Commission Chair Evelyn Gomez, and would rework the districts completely.

Former Republican Commissioner Gomez leaps back in on redistricting, and Democrats call BS

During her tenure, Gomez was accused of campaigning for a Republican representative, Carlton Wing. She also admitted to shoving an election office employee, and was infamous for her ill temper and belittling of staffers. But who knows, her map might be great.

Susan Inman to represent Democrats on the Pulaski Election Commission

Susan Inman brings decades of experience as she joins the commission, which was a hotbed of drama and tension in November 2020.

Arkansans to protest big attacks on voting rights at noon today

A rally at the Capitol today for voter rights, which are under attack in Arkansas.

Pulaski Election Commission produces potential candidates for attorney general, secretary of state

A former Republican plans Democratic race for attorney general. And a Democrat confirms interest in secretary of state race.