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The environmental promise and perils of south Arkansas lithium

Experts in the field say it's hard to assess the potential impact of direct lithium extraction in part because "much information comes from the industry itself," freelancer Boyce Uphold writes.
IT Arkansas job board

Arkansas ‘Lithium Summit’ draws officials, business leaders to discuss nascent industry

About 700 energy sector executives, policymakers and key stakeholders attended Thursday’s sessions, according to a press release.

The Judicial Chaos Edition

Chaos among the state judiciary, Gilbert Baker’s resignation from UCA, Sen. Mark Pryor and the minimum wage, Mike Ross’ pre-K plan and Exxon's not-so-new revelations about the Mayflower oil spill—all covered on this week's edition.

Exxon points to rare chemical mix as Pegasus flaw

By putting the focus on atypical pipe properties and away from a well-known manufacturing defect of the type of pipe used in the northern section that includes Arkansas, it would seem that Exxon is casting the rupture as caused by a rare flaw.

Pegasus pipeline still at least a year away from restart, according to Exxon exec

Karen Tyrone, vice president and operations manager of Exxon Mobil Pipeline Co., said that the remediation plan that Exxon plans to submit to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) outlining why the Pegasus pipeline ruptured and how Exxon will ensure that it doesn't break again will take at least a year to execute.

The Mayflower oil spill robbed Michelle Ward of her middle-class dream

One year later, she and other residents and stakeholders in Mayflower consider the toll exacted by Exxon's spill.

Exxon exec returns to Mayflower for one-year anniversary of Pegasus spill

In town for the one-year anniversary of the Mayflower spill, Exxon VP Karen Tyrone trumpeted the lack of ecological risk in Mayflower. Game and Fish disagrees. Meanwhile, Central Arkansas Water is hoping to find out more about Exxon's plans to restart the Pegasus. The southern section of the line could reopen any day now.

Game and Fish Commission disagrees with Exxon’s conclusion that 'there are no unacceptable ecological risks' in cove of Lake Conway due to Mayflower oil spill

It’s been almost a year since the Pegasus pipeline spilled an estimated 210,000 gallons of oil in Mayflower. After months of back-and-forth, a final environmental report from ExxonMobil to state regulators appears to be complete. But though the science behind the report is sound, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Deputy Director Ricky Chastain said its overarching conclusions about ongoing ecological risk are flawed.

Lake Conway spared from Mayflower oil spill catastrophe

But testing shows cove needs more cleanup.

Federal report: Exxon put off repairs, ignored data

Pipeline agency orders Pegasus plan overhaul.

Exxon to demolish third house in Mayflower subdivision

The home at 44 N. Starlite had never been cleared for re-entry by the Mayflower Unified Command and is scheduled to be demolished late morning on Nov. 12.

State, federal lawsuit against Exxon gets trial date

U.S. District Judge James Moody has scheduled the trial date for the joint complaint brought by the state of Arkansas and the U.S. government against ExxonMobil Pipeline Company and Mobil Pipeline Company. A pre-trial conference will happen Feb. 13, 2014, with the trial scheduled to begin the following day.