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Update: State Board approves waiver of Teacher Fair Dismissal law in the LRSD, denies most other proposals

Former State Board of Education chair Sam Ledbetter, who was the decisive vote to take over the district back in Jan. 2015, urged the board to reject the proposed waivers. "If in January 2015, I had any notion that this board would act in this manner, I assure you my vote on state takeover would have been against it," he said.
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Speaking up for the 'failing' Little Rock schools and the teachers who toil there

Facebook posts indicate Education Commissioner Johnny Key and Gov. Asa Hutchinson are getting mail over their campaign to facilitate the firing of teachers at all D and F schools in the Little Rock School District (but none of the other 15 dozen D and F schools statewide, or any of the failing charter schools.)

Key seeks to end protections for Little Rock teachers — but only in certain schools

The fair dismissal act would no longer apply to teachers at 22 campuses in Little Rock that recently received a "D" or an "F" grade under a new accountability system. That would create two classes of employees in the LRSD.

Little Rock School District considers proposal to arm 10 security staff

There are already about 21 armed school resource officers stationed in the LRSD's high schools and middle schools. Self's proposal would give firearms and nonlethal weapons to 10 LRSD personnel who work in the security division but are not licensed law enforcement officers and therefore are not currently armed.

Charter assault, fueled by Walton money, continues on Little Rock School District

Charter school expansion DOES matter in weighing the Little Rock school tax vote. The evidence was spread on the front page of the daily newspaper today.

Update on school tax election spending

Here's an update on spending in the Little Rock school tax election Tuesday.

In the mail: Final pleas in school election

Both sides of the vote May 9 on extension of 12.4 mills of property tax in the Little Rock School District have put flyers in the mail this weekend.

Former state board of education chair Sam Ledbetter weighs in on Little Rock millage vote

Ledbetter, the former state Board of Education chair who cast the decisive vote in 2015 to take over the LRSD, writes that Education Commissioner Johnny Key "has shown time and again that he is out of touch with our community and the needs of the district." However, Ledbetter supports the May 9 vote as a positive for the district's students and staff.

School leadership bullets dodged and undodged in Arkansas

A poorly vetted school principal in Kansas had also been in the hunt for jobs in Arkansas, in searches by a national consulting firm that has a few unfortunate occurrences on its own record.

Election Commission gives school tax opponents time to find another early polling place

Opponents of a Little Rock School District tax proposal were given the weekend to come up with some ideas for alternative early polling places after the Little Rock School District, through a bond house, scraped original plans to open an early voting place in the John Barrow neighborhood, which is majority black.

Governor kills bid for local control of Little Rock schools

An idea to set a date for return of local control in the Little Rock School District seems likely to founder because of resistance from Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Belatedly, LR Board moves on resolution on city school closures

The Little Rock City Board may take a vote on a resolution asking for a study of the impact of state-recommended Little Rock school closures. It's only symbolic. But the symbolism is important.