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A Q&A with fishing phenom Tony Phan

Pho fiends know 28-year-old Tony Phan as the soft-spoken manager at Mike’s Cafe in Little Rock, but when the California native isn’t running things at the Vietnamese restaurant, Phan is the social media superstar behind @tonystayfishin.
IT Arkansas job board

No fishing license, no problem; it's free fishing weekend, y'all

You get a line and I'll get a pole, honey.

Arkansas Game and Fish reports two giant catfish caught in Lake Conway

A brother-and-sister night fishing excursion turns up the stuff of nightmares. Or some good eatin', depending on who you ask.

A Q&A with Mark Spitzer, renowned expert on fugly fish

Listening to the bottom feeders is the key to saving the planet, author and naturalist Mark Spitzer says.

License to eel: KUAR program on slimy, elusive phantom fish airs Friday

Get excited about this cool radio program on eels! What else are you doing on a Friday night?

A fee for bird-watching? French Hill has an idea for Game and Fish

U.S. Rep. French Hill of Little Rock wrote the state Game and Fish Commission ahead of a recent town hall with an idea for increasing revenue by raising money from people who don't fish and hunt.

Mark Pryor goes hunting — and fishing — for votes

Is there a surer sign of election season than an Arkansas politician in full embrace of hunters and fisherpeople?

The hooks and bullets open line

The Tuesday line is open. To close out:

North Little Rock to open new fishing pier in Burns Park

North Little Rock will have a formal opening at 9 a.m. Wednesday of a new fishing pier extending into the Arkansas River from Burns Park.