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Word to Arkansas school districts: let the sunshine in

The FOIA fights in Phillips County bear sharing with a broader audience, especially as transparency advocates observe Sunshine Week, which highlights the importance of access to public records and open meetings nationwide.
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Sanders won't spill who paid for her Super Bowl trip, TPM reports

After Sanders shared social media posts about her family's high-dollar Super Bowl trip, TPM set out to calculate how much it cost and who foot the bill. As if!

Franklin County sheriff won’t release records of death threats over missing puppies

Sheriff Crocker declined to provide evidence of the "probably 300 threats" he said he and others have received regarding the missing puppies in Altus.

A school voucher contract is worth millions, yet the state won’t release bids to the public

The vendor will play a critical role in the administration of Arkansas’s new voucher program and stands to earn some $2.4 million in service fees next school year alone.

Arkansas AG's 'so sue me' attitude worked: FOIA defenders plan to sue

The attorney general's snide and seemingly politically tinged rejections of a group's attempts to enshrine a right to government transparency in the state constitution are teeing Arkansas up for a legal battle.

Attorney General rejects first try at FOIA constitutional amendment

Griffin's office said Monday that Arkansas Citizens for Transparency's proposal was full of "potential ambiguities" and failed to include the "full text" of the measure.

Pair of ballot measures would enshrine transparency in state constitution

Couch said the amendment would make Arkansas the only state with a constitutional right to transparency.

Panels on FOIA protection amendment to be held in Conway and Little Rock tonight

Anyone interested in protecting Arkansans' access to government meetings and information has two chances tonight to learn more. Sessions will be held in Conway and Little Rock at 6 p.m.

Polypartisan squad launches push to enshrine transparency in the Arkansas constitution

An eclectic crew is coming together to protect Arkansas's Freedom of Information Act, and they're inviting you to join the effort.

Senate committee takes no vote on FOIA bill after tense all-day hearing

After dozens testified on a government secrecy bill that would pull the shades on decades of sunshine, the Senate State Agencies committee adjourned today without a vote.
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Who was on those plane flights that led the governor to enter panic mode? Matt Campbell has answers.

The passenger names on Sanders' plane flight logs have been revealed, no thanks to the governor or the state police.

WTF is going on with FOIA? Here's a rundown of what could change

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act is under attack. That much is clear. Here's a look at some of the potential changes to come during next week's special legislative session.