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CNN commentator and former Huckabee advisor Alice Stewart has died

The 58-year-old Georgia native was an Emmy-winning journalist, communications director for five presidential campaigns, and a Harvard Fellow.
IT Arkansas job board

Maggio fails in latest bid to have criminal case dismissed

Former Judge Michael Maggio has lost his latest bid to have his criminal case dismissed years after he pleaded guilty.

Maggio appealing decision not to dismiss his conviction

Maggio is taking his case to federal appeals court.

Judge rejects Mike Maggio's effort to get charges dismissed

Maggio had hoped a dismissal would help him become a lawyer again.

Prosecutors say court should not dismiss ousted judge's bribery conviction

Prosecutors urged a federal judge on Tuesday to reject ousted Judge Michael Maggio's request that his bribery conviction be dismissed and blamed him for no other  convictions in the corruption scandal.

Justice Rhonda Wood announces race for chief justice

Supreme Court Justice Rhonda Wood announced her candidacy for the chief justice seat being vacated by Dan Kemp. Wood was cleared by Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission after facing an ethics complaint related to the bribery scandal involving former Circuit Judge Michael Maggio and former state Senator Gilbert Baker.

Maggio wants the bribery case in which he pleaded guilty dismissed

Former Judge Michael Maggio, who pleaded guilty to bribery in a scandal that engulfed a wealthy nursing-home owner and the former chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, has asked a federal judge to dismiss the entire case against him.

Ex-Judge Maggio gets off supervised release

A federal judge today granted former Faulkner County Circuit Judge Mike Maggio's motion for an early end to his supervised release from prison.

Gilbert Baker says judicial system worked despite difficult years

Former Republican lobbyist Gilbert Baker of Conway has issued a statement praising the nation's legal system after a federal judge dismissed a bribery wire-fraud indictment against Baker.

Federal judge grants motion to dismiss Gilbert Baker indictment

Gilbert Baker, once a powerful Republican lobbyist in Arkansas and former chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, is out of legal jeopardy for the first time in years.

Government asks to drop bribery, fraud charges against former Sen. Gilbert Baker

Bribery case against Gilbert Baker apparently will be dropped.

Judge agrees to some of Gilbert Baker's requests but not all as November trial approaches

A judge has granted some but not all of former Republican lobbyist Gilbert Baker's requested changes in instructions to the jury that will decide his upcoming corruption trial next month.