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Public comment open for LEARNS rules on teacher performance, 3rd grade retention, bathrooms and more

The state board has opened the doors to public input on rules covering some of the most controversial pieces of Arkansas LEARNS.
IT Arkansas job board

State seeks ‘local lead’ organizations for early childhood education in 2024-25

The state Department of Education is seeking new applications for local organizations to lead early childhood education efforts around the state in the upcoming school year.

Granted a governor's pardon, Davey and Hank live to gobble another day

Davey and Hank, the chillest turkeys in town, earned their pardon with good behavior after sitting still for half an hour despite the noise and crowd.

Sanders' private Razorback party at the Governor's Mansion cost $13,000, covered by public funds

Arkansas taxpayers ponied up $13K for Sarah Sanders' private "Undefeated" football season kickoff party at the Governor's Mansion. Razorbacks are currently 3-7, and Sanders is not exactly racking up the W's, either.

Veterans' group warns against a Phoenix deal; UA System president defends moving forward

A national coalition of veterans, students and faculty, civil-rights advocates and others has urged the University of Arkansas System of the reputational and financial risks should a private affiliate of the school buy the University of Phoenix.

Old guard Arkansas Republicans pushed aside in school choice fight: 'Rich people want vouchers'

Not all Republicans are on board with robbing the poor to give to the rich.

Leaked document details components of Gov. Sanders' universal voucher plan

A document of mysterious origins, shared among the state's superintendents this week, lists out the components of Gov. Sarah Sanders' Arkansas LEARNS bill, a massive education reform effort that would fundamentally rework the state's K-12 schools.

Gov. Sanders' teacher raise/school voucher mashup is a devil's bargain, critics say

Thanks, we hate it, Democrats, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families and the Public Policy Panel say.

Gov. Sanders attacked the vulnerable in her State of the Union rebuttal, and the ACLU of Arkansas took notice

The Arkansas ACLU speaks out against fear and hate in the aftermath of Gov. Sanders' nationally televised apocalyptic hellfire speech.

Gov. Sanders' surly SOTU response was very on brand

A word salad of talking points and name calling, with some attempts at folksy relatability thrown in, Sanders' rebuttal to Biden's State of the Union address was devoid of policy, heavy on menace.

In case you can't stay woke past 9 p.m., here's a sneak peek at Gov. Sanders' SOTU response

If you've accepted our drinking game challenge to take a swig every time she says "woke" or "radical left," go ahead and rinse out your shot glass. You're in for at least a double.

Gov. Sanders to give Republican response to Biden's State of the Union next week

Gov. Sarah Sanders announced Thursday that she will give the rebuttal to President Joe Biden's State of the Union Tuesday. So get ready to take a shot every time she says "radical left," but be careful not to die of alcohol poisoning.