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Bledsoe out as Arkansas surgeon general, no word yet on replacement

Bledsoe seems like a fine ideological match for the new regime, with 2A and anti-choice bona fides. But his willingness to go along with mask mandates seems to have irked the ivermectin munchers.
IT Arkansas job board

Wasting state money: Republican lt. gov edition

Greg Bledsoe, trying to break through into the conversation over the big field for the Republican gubernatorial nomination for lieutenant governor, lashed out today at the presumptive leaders -- Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and Sen. Jason Rapert.

Five questions with Kelly Krout, TikTok sensation and candidate for Arkansas lieutenant governor

Finally, a woman steps into the ring in the race for Arkansas lieutenant governor.

Challenger questions Senator Bledsoe's residency

Jon Comstock, a Democrat and former circuit judge who's challenging the re-election bid by 16-year incumbent Republican Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, has added to a list of ethical questions about Bledsoe with information that challenges her residency in Benton County. But one point turns out to have an official explanation.

The Senate's 'culture of corruption': Bledsoe clan edition

Jon Comstock, a former Benton County circuit judge making an uphill challenge of entrenched Republican incumbent Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, has released a tough assessment of the conflicts of interest in Bledsoe and her family's state employment. It's a good illustration of why recent talk of Senate ethics reform rings hollow.

Ban on sale of edible marijuana products passes Senate committee

Left unclear in SB 333 is what exactly it covers. It prohibits "[combining] usable marijuana with food or drink," but contains no definition of "food or drink."

'Forum' on medical marijuana set at UCA. Missing: Both sides.

Tom Courtway, president of the University of Central Arkansas, has invited all on campus to a so-called forum on medical marijuana. Missing from the discussion: Advocates of ballot propositions on the issue.

More money for the Bledsoes: A big raise for budget hawk senator's husband

Noted on a Legislative Council committee agenda this afternoon: A big pay raise for a change to full-time employment for Dr. James Bledsoe, wife of Republican state Sen. Cecile Bledsoe and father of Arkansas Surgeon General Gregory Bledsoe.

Medical marijuana backers respond to governor's 'reefer madness'

Advocates of the initiated act to legalize dispensation of marijuana for medical purposes at non-profit centers have fired back at Gov. Asa Hutchinson's press conference Monday to oppose both medical marijuana measures on the November ballot.

Q & A: Arkansas Surgeon General Greg Bledsoe on the future of the private option, with governor set to meet with feds Monday

With the governor and his team set to meet with federal officials in Washington on the future of the private option, I spoke with Surgeon General Greg Bledsoe on the negotiations in Washington, the political battle to come over Arkansas Works, and the future of health care reform in Arkansas.

'Working' for private option's survival

Gov. Asa Hutchinson is in Washington today with an entourage that includes legislators who opposed the private option expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare.

New surgeon general brings political experience to table

Arkansas's new surgeon general once fought a valiant but losing fight at the legislature to reinstate mandatory helmets for motorcycle riders. It's unknown if that will be part of the focus of his work in the future. The private option is of more pressing concern.