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Former Republican Nate Bell games out Democrats' path to victory

Some of the most vulnerable Republicans regularly run unopposed, while scarce resources are squandered targeting candidates who are disliked, but not vulnerable, former Republican lawmaker Nate Bell says. He argues that to win, Democrats need to be strategic, not emotional.
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Arkansas Supreme Court

Arkansas Supreme Court upholds lower court ruling barring guns in some government buildings

The Arkansas Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that even with an enhanced concealed carry license, a person cannot bring a gun into a Game and Fish building where firearms are prohibited.

The Arkansas Senate shoots down a bill to restore gun rights for people with nonviolent felony convictions

The rare gun bill by a Democratic sponsor would have established a path to restored 2A rights under specific circumstances.

Attorneys still can't carry guns in the courthouse, per Arkansas Supreme Court ruling

The state Supreme Court upheld a ruling by Pulaski County Circuit Judge Herbert Wright in the case Chris P. Corbitt v. Pulaski County Jail. Wright ruled against Corbitt, who then appealed.

Regression: Arkansas's surprising history as a gun safety state

The state's earliest Supreme Court justices noted the first clause of the Second Amendment.

Attorney general dodges a list of gun questions

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who likes to describe herself as a gun-toting Christian, declined to toss some gun-toting red meat to a senator in an official opinion request disclosed today.

Gun nuttery: We ain't done yet

I couldn't begin to catalogue all the steps taken by the Arkansas legislature to combat a problem that doesn't exist.

Felon Duke Cunningham begs gun rights for protection in Arkansas

Rich. Thanks to Talking Points Memo for the alert.

Felons regaining gun rights

More to thank the National Rifle Association for: The ease with which an increasing number of felons are able to regain rights to carry guns.