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Voters react to Conway School Board elections where the conservatives lost despite governor's endorsement

Voters supporting the victories of two challengers to "conservative" Conway School Board incumbents celebrated at an election watch party, on social media, with pictures of hugs and tears and with plenty of exclamation points.
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The Conway School Board meeting that was an attempt at PR but turned into a media-bashing party

Conway School Board members complained about fulfilling FOIA requests Tuesday.

Conway School Secrecy, Part 2: An administrator quits; rumors go wild

KK Bradshaw, a longtime administrator for the Conway School District, has given her notice. Meanwhile, the district's communications specialist reports that she has been "reassigned and relieved of almost all" of her communication duties.

Conway School board, beware of the teacher shortage

A supercharged rightwing political climate in the Conway School District could make recruiting new teachers a challenge.

UPDATE: Conway Schools superintendent forces parent to leave a public meeting

Superintendent/bouncer Jeff Collum kicked out a parent before a luncheon meeting today. Julee Jaeger has been an outspoken advocate for trans rights.

Just how many Conway students got suspended? Free speech in Conway? Forget it.

Some students and parents in the Conway School District are pushing back hard against attacks on trans youth, and a lawsuit could be in the offing. Those unrecorded board member lunch meetings are about to get awkward.

UPDATE: Conway School Board's actions lead to protests, attempted walkout, arrests

If it were not for the protest signs, the chants of "Trans Lives Matter!" and the large police presence, the Conway School Board meeting Tuesday night might have put a few audience members to sleep.

Conway School Board to meet with attorney Wednesday about restroom policy, vacancy

The Conway School Board has called a "work session" for Wednesday afternoon to review a proposed restroom policy that could effectively out some transgender students.

Letters opposing Conway school restroom proposal number in the hundreds

More than 700 copies of a standardized letter urging the Conway School District to protect transgender students have been sent online to board members.

UPDATE: Several speak out against transgender restroom ban proposal

The Conway School District couldn't point to any instances of a transgender person causing concern or alarm in school bathrooms. Regardless, a push is afoot to politicize who pees where. The board meets tonight at 6.

Gender issues on next Conway school board's agenda

With three new self-declared conservative members, the Conway School District's board is about to wade into gender issues. That's a scary thought considering one of those new members is a self-declared "patriot."