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Another group says vote NO on Issue 1

The Libertarian Party joins the mix.
IT Arkansas job board

About that highway tax increase and what it will and won't pay for

The misbegotten billion-dollar I-30 expansion project should offer a warning to voters about highway builders promises concerning a tax increase on the ballot Nov. 3.

Today's news -- the whopping highway tax and COVID-19 -- and the open line

Us and the Koch boys, together at last against a huge highway tax.

Opposition formed to highway tax increase. Just say no to the legislature.

The highway tax increase will have opposition

Business lobby puts up big money to impose a permanent state sales tax for roads

$1.6 million contributed so far by some of the wealthiest interests in the state to impose a new sales tax in 2023 on all purchases to pay only for highways.

Asa begins push for sales tax today

Gov. Asa Hutchinson will begin today the campaign for a permanent general sales tax devoted to highways and local roads.

Senate passes major part of governor's highway tax bill

The Arkansas Senate today passed a major part of Gov. Asa Hutchinson's $300 million highway tax bill. The vote was 27-8, the three-quarters needed, and it goes to the House.

Legislative priority: A Capitol parking deck. Who's got the money?

Arkansas must be rolling in money. Sen. Alan Clark of Hot Springs filed legislation today to allow for the building of a parking deck — minimum 200 spaces — on the Capitol grounds. No specifics on money. You'd think we were rolling in dough and the governor wasn't proposing a $200 million tax cut for the wealthy.

The open line: Plus, highway money options

The open line and video roundup comes with news and comment on the group talking about ways to find more money for highways.

Highway Department has hand out for more money

Legislative skulduggery is afoot that should enrage the Tea Party if a number 'baggers (aka Republicans) weren't in on the scam.

More on conservative Arkansas values

I made a little fun yesterday of Sen. Jason "Elmer Gantry" Rapert for his presumptuousness.

Beebe goes big for highway tax

With polls looking favorable and no election in his future Gov. Mike Beebe can safely cheerleader a general sales tax increase to build four-lanes, as a NWA front page today illustrates.