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Hot Spring locals on undersung spots, misconceptions about Spa City

We ask a few of our favorite locals about Hot Springs’s undersung delights, and about what we non-residents tend to miss (or misconceive) about Spa City.
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A crystal hunter's tale of Arkansas magic underfoot

Crystal mining is a hobby for some and a living for others. For German-born rock hound Dominik Schley, it's both. That's why he now calls Arkansas home.

Kream Kastle is a greasy spoon and a living fossil

One might be tempted to call this place a throwback to an earlier era, an atavism, a living fossil. But we just call it that little drive-in on Highway 70 — you know, that tastee-freeze between Ten Mile Creek and the Lonsdale turnoff, the place where all the trucks are parked.

Superior Bathhouse Brewery's 'Centennial Elixir' was brewed in honor of Hot Springs National Park's 100 year celebration

Superior Bathhouse is the only brewery in the U.S. located in a national park, and it’s the only brewery in the world to utilize thermal spring water in its beer.

Hot Springs producer-songwriter Henry Glover wasn't just behind the scenes, he was inventing the scenes

Hot Springs National Park turns 100 years old this year, as would have one of its most groundbreaking natives, songwriter and producer Henry Glover.