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UCA hires Jeremy Gillam as lobbyist

The University of Central Arkansas, to nobody's surprise, has hired House Speaker Jeremy Gillam as its $130,000-a-year lobbyist, effective next week, and he'll quit the House to take the job.
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Special session to begin Tuesday; agenda grows

Gov. Asa Hutchinson's office says the special legislative session will begin Tuesday.  Adjournment of the current budget session will occur Monday afternoon. Pharmacy benefits, hog farming and school vouchers seem likely to be on the agenda. Along with the question of what got Speaker Jeremy Gillam so hot and bothered about transferring state tax money to private schools.

School voucher plan dropped from treasurer's budget

The House today called it quits temporarily on attempting to provide a tax subsidy to K-12 private schools in the current budget session, which should end tomorrow.

House adopts impeachment rule; Walker already talking lawsuit

The House had some heated debate today but adopted over Democratic objections House Speaker Jeremy Gillam's proposal to put a formal procedure in House rules for impeachment. It's a response to anger over Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen but no immediate action against Griffen is contemplated.

House moves to set stage for impeachment of Judge Wendell Griffen over death penalty protest

House Speaker Jeremy Gillam is clearly running for higher office. He has slipped a resolution onto the agenda of the House Rules Committee he controls to clear the way for impeachment proceedings against

Senate soundly rejects House speaker's constitutional amendment

The Senate thrashed House Speaker Jeremy Gillam's proposed constitutional amendment on amendments this morning, but it could get another vote.

Long hours and lots of 11th-hour mischief as legislature grinds on

The last hours of a legislative session mean long days and special pleading from special interests. Tuesday action illustrates

Big ball in Rocktown to fete House Speaker Jeremy Gillam

You won't find it on the list of scheduled events of the House of Representatives, but you can find many if not all of the legislators at the refurbished Robinson Center tonight for Speaker of the House Jeremy Gillam's formal ball. He recently engineered a law change to make sure the free wining and dining and swag bags wouldn't run afoul of the ethics law.

A move for another constitutional amendment starts in House

The House took the first step today to enable House Speaker Jeremy Gillam to add another constitutional amendment to the 2018 ballot, one that would make it much harder for the people to put amendments on the ballot.

House speaker ducks the Lee/King holiday issue

Jeremy Gillam is ducking the King/Lee holiday debate. It's cowardly, but — saddest of all — it might be an accurate reflection of popular sentiment.

Senate balks on another ethics loophole

The state Senate Thursday voted 9-12, with 13 not voting, on House Speaker Jeremy Gillam's bill to open up more loopholes in the state ethics law already made more porous by the legislature since it was approved by voters.

Bill to create ethics loopholes stalls in Senate

Most of the opposition came from Democrats, but they were joined by three Republicans — including Sen. Jim Hendren (R-Gravette), the majority leader.